Orchesis Modern Dance Company
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Collect officer contact information for the directors during the Placement Evaluation prior to the start of classes in the Fall.

Prepare and distribute contact information for officers, members, and directors as soon as possible after Orchesis auditions.  Make corrections and re-distribute as needed.

Remind members of meetings and other activites ahead of time.  Make sure members know that meetings are mandatory.  Copy company correspondence to the directors.

Take attendance before all mandatory events including meetings, Finale rehearsals, EOD casting, and Lighting Showing.  Telephone any members who are late.  Notify faculty if there is an ongoing problem with absences or tardiness.  The Stage Manager will take attendance for rehearsals at PBK.

Create Spring DVD order list and collect payment.  Check with directors for DVD costs.

Make a roster of returning members' summer addresses.  Distribute (and correct as needed) before exams.