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Name: Tyler Crowe
Setup: Evil Shocker NXT, Empire Prophecy, Vforce Grill, 3A 68/4500 tank
Home Field: Skyline Paintball, Strasburg, VA
Years playing: Eleven


Ryan Shintani 2Name: Ryan Shintani
Setup: Shocker NXT, Halo B, 80/4500, custom Save Phace
Years Playing: Three


Sahaj_ViradiaName: Sahaj Viradia
Setup: Etek Ego with RF Chip and Virtue Board, Pulse, 70/45 Stubby, Custom Flex 7
Home Field: All Star Paintball Arena, Spotswood NJ
Years Playing: Five

Kevin_WangName: Kevin Wang
Setup: 2005 Spyder Imagine, Proto mask
Home Field: Hogback Mountain, Leesburg VA
Years Playing: Three