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Economics Faculty Lunch Series

The Economics Faculty Lunch Series includes:

(1) W&M Economics Work-in-Progress Lunch Seminar

(2) Lunch Discussion of Economic Research and Policy

(3) Lunch Faculty Meetings

Lunches are provided by the department for lunch seminars.  For lunch discussions and lunch faculty meetings participants bring their own lunches.    


Fall 2017: Tuesdays, 11:30-12:20pm, 3d floor conference room

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August 29: Organizational meeting (lunch meeting)

September 12: Sharing college experience with assistant professors, a discussion organized by John Parman and Peter McHenry (teaching, merit evaluation, mid-tenure review, tenure) (lunch meeting)

September 19: Grade distribution in economics courses at W&M over recent years, a discussion (lunch meeting)

September 26: Rob Hicks, W&M (lunch seminar)

October 3: Priya Mukherjee, W&M (lunch seminar)

October 10: Ranjan Shrestha, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

October 24: Don Schlagenhauf, St. Louis Fed (lunch seminar)

October 31: Shi Qi, W&M Econ (lunch seminar) Please, note the  room change to Tyler 121

November 7: Peter Savelyev, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

November 14: Pasita Chaijaroen, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

November 28: Brian Beach, W&M Econ (lunch seminar) 

December 5: Mark Greer, W&M Econ (lunch seminar) 

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Note: All Tuesdays for which no formal meetings are scheduled are used for informal bring-your-own-lunch meetings (meet in faculy lounge on floor 3, not in the conference room). 


Fall 2018: TBD


click here for W&M economics departmental seminar page  



Summer 2017: Tuesdays, 12:00-12:50 pm, 3d floor conference room

August 8: Peter McHenry, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

August 15: Matt Klepacz, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)