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Economics Faculty Lunch Series

The Economics Faculty Lunch Series includes:

(1) W&M Economics Work-in-Progress Lunch Seminar

(2) Lunch Discussion of Economic Research and Policy

(3) Lunch Faculty Meetings

Lunches are no longer provided by the department for lunch seminars due to new college-level regulations.  Participants bring their own lunches or bring no lunches.    


Spring 2018: Thursdays, 11:00-11:50pm, 3d floor conference room

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March 15: Brian Beach, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

March 29: Shi Qi, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

April 5: Zhao Han, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)


Seminar spot that is still avaialble: 

April 19


click here for W&M economics departmental seminar page  








Summer 2017: Tuesdays, 12:00-12:50 pm, 3d floor conference room

August 8: Peter McHenry, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

August 15: Matt Klepacz, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)


Fall 2017: Tuesdays, 11:30-12:20pm, 3d floor conference room

August 29: Organizational meeting (lunch meeting)

September 12: Sharing college experience with assistant professors, a discussion organized by John Parman and Peter McHenry (teaching, merit evaluation, mid-tenure review, tenure) (lunch meeting)

September 19: Grade distribution in economics courses at W&M over recent years, a discussion (lunch meeting)

September 26: Rob Hicks, W&M (lunch seminar)

October 3: Priya Mukherjee, W&M (lunch seminar)

October 10: Ranjan Shrestha, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

October 24: Don Schlagenhauf, St. Louis Fed (lunch seminar)

October 31: Shi Qi, W&M Econ (lunch seminar) Please, note the  room change to Tyler 121

November 7: Peter Savelyev, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

November 14: Pasita Chaijaroen, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)

November 28: Brian Beach, W&M Econ (lunch seminar)