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Paul D. Kieffaber, Ph.D.

meAssistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Faculty Affiliate
Applied Science



The psychophysiology of attention & cognitive control and assessment of cognitive deficits in clinical populations.


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Kie ffaber, P. D., Marcoulides, G. A., White, M., & Harrington, D. E., (2007) Modeling the ecological validity of neurocognitive assessment in adults with acquired brain injury. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 14(3), 206-218

Kieff aber, P. D., O'Donnell, B. F., Shekhar, A., & Hetrick, W. P., (2007) Event-related brain potential evidence for preserved attentional set switching in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research,
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Kie ffaber, P. D. & Hetrick, W. P. (2005). Event-related Potential Correlates of Task-switching and Switch Costs. Psychophysiology, 42, 56-71.