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There are currently 23 voting publications seated on the Council, each represented by one (or two) top editor(s).


Joel Carela,;

Steph Krauss,


Bill of Rights Journal

Beth Petty,


The Botetourt Squat

Rigel Kaufman,


Bullet Quarterly
Naomi Slack,

Bullet Quarterly is a creative non-fiction testament to our individuality through written word, black and white photography, and fine-line drawings.  Bullet brings honesty to the forefront.  All peices are anonymous; instead identities are constructed by the content and the connection made by the reader.  Bullet gives students a medium to tell their stories on a safe but candid platform.  Visit us here!


W&M Business Law Review

Eileen Setien,;

Dave Johnson,

The William & Mary Business Law Review (BLR) is a scholarly publication of professional articles and student notes, edited and operated by students of the William & Mary Law School. BLR is dedicated to the nexus between business, law, and ethics. 

The Colonial Echo

Jacqueline Vasquez,

The Colonial Echo is the W&M yearbook. It is the oldest continuouslly publishing publication of the College with its inception in 1899. We are dedicated to recording the important memories of William and Mary students each year. For more information, Visit us online!

Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal

Carlton Fleenor,

The CHUJ is the first academic journal for undergraduate scholarship in the Humanities at The College of William & Mary. 


The DoG Street Journal

Jeffrey Knox,;

Christine Shen,

Founded in 2003, the DoG Street Journal is William and Mary's only news magazine. The mission of The DoG Street Journal is to provide a quality, reliable and thought-provoking media outlet serving the College community. We aim for timely coverage of diverse topics, as the magazine is comprised of four sections: news, style, opinion and sports. By fostering an open, innovative arena for the cultivation of interests in journalism, the DSJ is the future of student media. Visit us online!


William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review

Yvonne Baker,


The Flat Hat
Katherine Chiglinsky,

The Flat Hat has been William & Mary's student newspaper since 1911. It covers the College and the surrounding area of Williamsburg, Va., printing on Tuesdays and Fridays of the academic year.

The paper derives its name and motto (“Stabilitas et Fides”) from the Flat Hat Club, the nation’s first secret society. The Flat Hat Club was founded at the College in 1750 and included among its members St. George Tucker, Thomas Jefferson and George Wythe. It is believed that the Flat Hat Club was the precursor of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, established at the College in 1776.

The Flat Hat printed its first issue on October 3, 1911, coming out with weekly papers until 2007 when it began printing twice weekly. Visit us online!

The Gallery
Jenny Lee,;

Dana Wood,

Although it had previously flourished on campus from 1979-2003, The Gallery was revived in Fall 2007. Its goals include being an accessible artistic outlet for students without a bias beyond publishing the best work. They accept a wide variety of submissions in diverse media formats including videos of poets reading their own work and screenplays. 


James Blair Historical Review

Deborah Wood,

The James Blair Historical Review is an undergraduate journal dedicated to the publication of original student research in various historical fields. Since it's establishment in 2009, the James Blair Historical Review has encouraged undergraduate participation in producing and publishing historical research: Advised in conjunction with the Phi Alpha Theta Honors Society by Assistant Professor Jeremy Pope, undergraduates serve as editors, peer reviewers, and authors. 



Elyse Endick,

While providing its usual two literary/art magazine issues for the academic year, jump! is broadening the was in the which jump! can extend its reach through campus. This includes the launching of our new blog-space and bringing American contemporary poet tao Lin to W&M in the spring semester.  Visit us online! 


Demetria Walker,

Lips started as an independent publication (a zine) at The College of William and Mary. The goal of this magazine is to combine art and information to create an intelligent, entertaining, creative and honest zine about sex from the female perspective. 

Lips provides an alternative to the limited definitions of womanhood and female sexuality expressed in corporate women’s magazines and mass media. Each semester we ask women of the campus to send us submissions about their views on sex and sexuality.

 Entries include poetry, prose, essays, short stories, artwork, and magazine clippings. We accept submissions from all female identified persons. Entries must be written from a female perspective. The style of the magazine is hand-made, cut&paste and full of lips love. Lips is released once a semester and is a recognized campus organization.  Visit us online!


The Monitor

Michael Campbell,

The Monitor: Journal of International Studies is the journal of undergraduate international studies at The College of William & Mary. Its aim is to promote and publish student work that contributes a new perspective to multicultural understanding. The Monitor is an interdisciplinary publication dedicated to serving an increasingly interdependent world. 


Not Wythe-Standing the News

Frantz Farreau,

Not Wythe-Standing the News is the law school newspaper. (It was formerly named The Marshall Whythe PressThe Advocate and before that, The Amicus Curiae.) "In 2009-2010, the underlying mission is to foster the outlet of information, education and entertainment, while focusing attention on issues important to the school. ... Ultimately, the overarching mission and goal is to stimulate the student body of the School of Law to think -- to ponder serious issues, to consider interesting ancedotes, and to wonder about entertaining stories. This is a mission that will follow the paper into the future."  Visit us online! 


The Pillory
Claire Favret,

The Pillory has been the humor and satire magazine of The College of William and Mary since 1991. It is published weekly and composed of student submissions. We accept submissions from all students-- living, dead, or transesistent. To submit and article, or just to chat, email us at


ROCKET Magazine
Gianna Baiges Parrilla,

ROCKET Magazine is the College's the biannual premiere art and fashion publication.  Founded in spring 2011, ROCKET provides an outlet for student artistic expression primarely through art and design, fashion, photography, and feature.  Visit us online!


W&M Review

Jack Cooper,

For the 2010 issuse of the William and Mary Review, the staff hopes to both further refine the design and content of the magazine while also increasing the publication's visibility on capus between publication cycles. They accept submissions in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art from all over the world. The individual staffs meet regularly to read through the submissions and determine the best pieces received. In the spring, they publish an issue of these selections. They would like to use their status as a well-regarded literary journal to foster a more engaged creative writing community at the College. Visit us online!


Winged Nation
Sarah Volz,

Winged Nation was founded in the mid-1990s as an outlet for expression of the "female perspective" through student art and writing. Over time, the focus of the magazine has shifted; men began to submit and take part in the staff, and the magazine redefined itself as a forum for social issues. In the last six years, the magazine has undergone a dramatic transformation from a simple, black and white half-page publication to a large, full-color design-intensive magazine.

Their new mission statement is: Winged Nation is an artistic and literary forum for the unspoken and the unexpressed. We seek to offer students an arena where they can freely share and explore their experiences in a gendered society. Visit us online!


WCWM 90.9 FM (Radio)
John August Bridgeford,

Started in 1959, WCWM is the student-run radio station for the College. They have a broadcasting range of approx. 30 miles, reaching from the outermost edges of Richmond all the way to Newport News. Their focus for the 2009-2010 year is to focus on making WCWM the radio station of the College of William & Mary.

Though WCWM began as a station that only aired part-time and was wholly devoted to classical music, they now broadcast a programming lineup that seeks to encompass as many different themes, genres and formats as possible. Their shows range from all-purpose variety to rap, international, folk, talk, psychedelic, soul, electronica, metal, experimental, shoegaze, etc. Visit us online!


WMTV (Television)
Lizzy Pelletier,

The 2009-2010 academic year has brought a rebirth to channel 53. With seven shows gracing their line-up, a new online-based scheduling and uploading tool, and a staff that has swelled to over 40, they look forward to the future semesters as opportunities to extend this great trend. Their mission is to provide the opportunity to produce and broadcast educational, informational and high-quality programming for William and Mary, Williamsburg, and beyond. Visit us online!



Additional Members

Jim Heller, Professor of Law and Director of the Wolf Law Library at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law, has a seat on the council, provided by the Provost's Office and selected at large, as a member of the faculty.

Trici Fredrick, Associate Director of Student Leadership Development