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Robert St.Clair

Robert St.Clair joined the College in 2011 after obtaining his PhD from thHotel des etrangerse University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). He holds a Masters from the Université de Franche-Comté, a Licence from the Université de Paris 7, and a B.A. from Knox College.

Courses taught at the College of William and Mary include a Freshman Seminar on the problematic of violence in the city of Paris from 1792-2005; French 305, The Craft of Writing; and French 350: an advanced course on the (utopian, reactionary, revolutionary, melancholy) politics of poetry in 19th-century France.

Professor St.Clair has published articles on Arthur Rimbaud, Jules Vallès, and several scholarly translations. Works in-progress include a study of the spatialization of class relations in Caillebotte; the return of the Commune in popular novels, B.D., and cinema at the dawn of the 21st century; domestic utopias and jealousy as political categories in Victor Hugo; the esthetic politics of laziness in an early poem by Rimbaud; representations of paranoia and accumulation by dispossession in two recent video games; and a book-length work on democracy, poverty, and poetry (Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud).