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Curriculum Vitae

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B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1962--Honors in English

M.A., Brandeis University, 1964

Ph.D., Brandeis University, 1969

Dissertation:  "Children of the Night:  The Situation for Poetry in the American 1890s"



Teaching:  College of William and Mary

Assistant Professor of English, 1967-74

Associate Professor of English, 1974-80

Professor of English and American Studies, 1980-current



Director of Graduate Study in English, 1976-79

Founder and Director of American Studies Program, 1982-86; Program authorized to offer Ph.D. in 1988

Dean of Graduate Studies, Arts and Sciences, 1986-1996


Highlights of Administrative Accomplishments, 1986-95:

Oversaw initiation of three Ph.D. programs:  Computer Science, 1986; American Studies, 1988; Applied Science, 1990.  Applied Science in association with NASA-Langley and CEBAF, offers tracks in Accelerator Science, Polymeric Materials, Surface Science, Atmospheric Science, and Non-destructive Testing.  Wrote successful proposal for the establishment on campus of the Commonwealth Center for the Study of American Culture.  Helped develop proposal for Master of Public Policy Program, initiated in 1991.  Program Director of Patricia Roberts Harris grant, 1991-94. Initiated special programs for international students and courses to train graduate students as teachers; established a Minority Affairs Graduate Student Committee. Helped establish Virginia Consortium of Science and Engineering Universities (VCES); Tidewater Physics Consortium (TPC); Virginia/ICASE/LaRC Program in High Performance Computing (VILAP-HPCC); Teaching Fellows Program with Thomas Nelson Community College, and Summer Program in History and American Studies for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups.



Reviewer for American Quarterly, NEH, American Periodicals, University Press of Kentucky, and other journals

GTE Foundation Award, $4,000 for "Science and the American Imagination,"  lecture series and conference, College of William and Mary, January 1986

Phi Beta Kappa Award, College of William and Mary, 1977

Hillel Service Award, 1985

Who's Who in the South

Who’s Who in America

Who’s Who in American Education

Editorial Board, American Periodicals, 1991-

Board of Directors, University Press of Virginia, 1989-92

(Founding) President, Research Society for American Periodicals, 1991-93




Freshman English; Writing                                   

Humanities-Western Civilization                       

Theory of Literature                                               

Major American Authors                                   

American Literature, 1620-1850                       

American Renaissance, 1835-1865                       

American Literature, 1865-1920

American Literature, 1920-present

American Poetry, Senior Seminar

Literature and Medicine - Freshman Seminar


The Long Poem in American Literature

Introduction to Literary Study

American Studies, Theory and Method

Romanticism in English and American Poetry

History of Multiculturalism in America

History of the Book



NEH Summer Seminar, Yale University, 1978.

NEH Fellowship for College Teachers, 1986.


William and Mary:

Faculty Semester Research Assignments, 1975; 1985

Summer Research Awards, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1980.



Refereed publications: Articles and Contributions to Books

"Whitman and the Magazines:  Some Documentary Evidence," American Literature, 42 (May 1972), 222-246.  Selected for inclusion in "On Walt Whitman:  The Best from American Literature," eds. Louis Budd and Edwin Cady (Durham:  Duke University Press, 1987).

"The Shadowed Years:  Mrs. Richards, Mr. Stedman, and Robinson," Colby Library Quarterly, Series 9 (June 1972), 510-531.

"‘My Humble Muse:'  Some New Bierce Letters," The Markham Review, 5 (Summer, 1976), 71-75.

"The Selling of the ‘Author's Edition:'  Whitman, O'Connor and the West Jersey Press Affair," Walt Whitman Review, 23 (March 1977), 3-23.

"Politics and Poetry:  The Reception of Melville's Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War," American Literature, 49 (November 1977), 422-430.

"Individual Identity and Democratic Culture:  The Problem of Whitman's Democratic Vistas," Southeastern American Studies Association, Proceedings 1979, (Tampa, American Studies Press, 1979), 17-23.

"Titus Munson Coan:  An Early Defender of Thoreau," The New England Quarterly, 54 (March 1981), 119-121.

"Between Realism and Romanticism:  The Curious Career of Eugene Benson," American Literary Realism, 14 (Autumn 1981), 242-261.

"‘Of War Times and Poetry and Democracy:'  A Final Visit with Whitman," Walt Whitman Review, 28 (March 1982), 32-34.

"The Galaxy and American Democratic Culture, 1866-1878," Journal of American Studies, 16 (April 1982), 69-80.

"The American Context of Democratic Vistas," in Walt Whitman Here and Now, ed., Joann P. Krieg (Westport, CT:  Greenwood Press, 1985), 147-156.

"J. G. Holland and the ‘Religion of Civilization' in Mid-Nineteenth Century America," American Studies, 27 (Spring 1986), 55-79.

"‘The Password Primeval:'  Whitman's Use of Science in 'Song of Myself,'" ed. Joel Myerson, Studies in the American Renaissance (Charlottesville:  The University Press of Virginia, 1986), 385-425.

"Appletons' Journal" in American Literary Magazines:  The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, ed. Edward E. Chielens (Westport, CT:  The Greenwood Press, 1986), 38-43.

"The Round Table" in American Literary Magazines:  The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, ed. Edward E. Chielens (Westport, CT:  The Greenwood Press, 1986), 339-343.

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"Scribner's Monthly and the ‘Pictorial Representation of Life and Truth' in Post-Civil War America," American Periodicals, 1 (Fall 1991), 46-69.

“The Teaching Fellows: A Community College - University Partnership,” with Beverly Peterson and Teresa Lanpher Nugent. In The T.A. Experience: Preparing for Multiple Roles, ed. Karron J. Lewis (Stillwater, OK : New Forums Press, 1993).

"‘The Original Eye:' Whitman, Schelling and the Return to Origins," Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 11 (Spring 1994) 174-199.

"‘Don't Tell!  They'd Advertise:' Emily Dickinson in The Round Table" in Periodical Literature in Nineteenth-Century America, eds. Kenneth Price and Susan Belasco Smith, (Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia, 1995),   166-182.

 “Culture or Democracy: Whitman, Eugene Benson, and The Galaxy,” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, 13 (Spring 1996): 189-198.

“Science,” in  Walt Whitman: An Encyclopedia, eds. J.R. LeMaster and Donald D. Kummings (New York: Gale, 1998), 616-619.

“Lizette Woodworth Reese, 1856-1935,” Legacy: 15.2 (Fall 1998), 213-20.

“The Last Letter of All: Reese, Stedman, and Poetry in Late-Nineteenth Century America,” in American Literary Mentors, ed. Irene Goldman and Melissa McFarland Pennell (Gainesville: U.P. of Florida,1999): 14-33.

“The Fiery Cross Knowledge”: Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, 1832-1844, Victorian Periodicals Review, 32:4 (Winter 1999): 324-58.

“Edmund Clarence Stedman” in American National Biography, 1999.

“Eugene Benson” in American National Biography, 1999.

“Power and Form: Learning and Unlearning the Lessons of the Academy,”  ADE Bulletin, 129 ( Fall 2001): 33-39.

“How Dare a Sick Man or an Obedient Man Write Poems: Whitman and the Dis-ease of the Perfect Body” in Enabling the Humanities: A Sourcebook in Disability Studies, edited by Brenda Jo Brueggemann, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, and Sharon Snyder.  New York: MLA. 2002. 248-259.

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“The Texts and Contexts of ‘Calamus’: Did Whitman Censor Himself in 1860?” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, 21 (2004), 109-30.

“‘The Man [and Woman] at the Other End of the Lever’: Douglass, Stowe, and the Perils and Promise of Living in a Global Village,” Resources for American Literary Study (2005): 43-75.

“Extermination and Democracy: O’Sullivan, the Democratic Review, and Empire, 1837-1840, American Periodicals 15 (2005): 123-41.

"Boston and Beyond," in The Oxford Handbook of Transcendentalism, ed. Joel Myerson, et. al (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010): 495-512.



Edmund Clarence Stedman, Twayne United States Authors Series (Boston:  G. K. Hall, 1977).


Edited volumes:

American Literature and Science, editor, University Press of Kentucky, 1992. Introduction, "Permeable Boundaries:  Literature and Science in America," pp. 1-17; bibliography, "American Literature and Science through 1989," pp. 251-272.

Bigelow, John. Jamaica in 1850 or, The Effects of Sixteen Years of Freedom on a Slave Colony. Introduction, “Emancipation and the Atlantic Triangle: John Bigelow’s Jamaica in 1850, pp. ix-lvi.


Forthcoming Publications

"Figuring the City:  Science, Journalism and Lyceum Culture in Poe and Whitman," in Richard Kopley, ed. volume of essays on Poe to be published in 2008.

“.The Ultraism of the Day’: Greene’s Boston Post, Hawthorn, Fuller, Melville, Stowe, and Literary Journalism in Antebellum America,” American Periodicals, 18 (2008).

"’The Power of Steam’: Slavery, Reform, and the Book in Britain and America, 1845-60.” In Howsam, Leslie and James Raven, eds. Connected by Books, Palgrave-Macmillan.


Invited scholarly talks:

"Research Opportunities in Periodicals," American Journalism History Conference, 1994.

Selected scholarly presentations:

"Whitman and the Book Business,"  Modern Language Association, Chicago, 1976.

"Individual Identity and Democratic Culture:  The Problem of Whitman's Democratic Vistas," Southeastern American Studies Association, Tampa, April, 1979.

"Toward an Urban Aesthetic:  James's Art in The Bostonians," American Studies Association, Minneapolis, September, 1979.

"Buying High and Selling Low:  Stedman, Clemens, and the Invention, Packaging and Selling of American Literature," Southeastern American Studies Association, Macon, April 1981.

"Darkening Vistas:  Ideas of Democracy in Post Civil War America," Canadian Association for American Studies, Montreal, October 1981.

"‘A Divine Discontent with the Atlantic Monthly:  The Galaxy and Democratic Culture," American Studies Association, Memphis, TN, October 1981.

"In Defense of Beauty:  Stedman and the Recognition of Poe in America, 1880-1920," Modern Language Association, Los Angeles, CA, December 1982.

"Whitman and the Scientific Sublime," Southeastern American Studies Association, Charleston, SC, April 1983.

"J. G. Holland and the Cult of ‘Christian Propriety,'" Southern Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Lexington, VA, April 1984.

"Appleton's Journal and Images of Female Leisure in Nineteenth-Century America,” Southeastern American Studies Association, Chapel Hill, NC, April 1985.

"J. G. Holland the ‘Religion of Civilization' in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America," American Society for Church History, Oxford, OH, April 1985.

"Edward Livingston Youmans and the End of Utopian Idealism," Southern Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, Atlanta, GA, April 1985.

"‘The Fatherstuff' of Poetry:  Whitman and Science," American Studies Association, San Diego, CA, November 1985.

"Evolving Fields of Knowledge and Rigid Departmental Structures:  The Promise of American Studies," Conference on "The Academic Profession in Virginia and the Nation," Norfolk, VA, November 1986.

"Scribner's Monthly and the Pictorial Representation of Life and Truth in Post-Civil War America," American Studies Association, New York, November 1987."The Westminster Review and American Literary Nationalism," Modern Language Association, San Francisco, December 1988.

"A Fresh Original Energy:  Whitman and the Heritage of Naturphilosophie in America," Society for Literature and Science, Ann Arbor, September 1989.

"Special Creation, Race, and the Curriculum:  Science in the North American Review, 1845-1860," Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Waco, TX, September 1990.

Organizer and Chair, "Toward ‘Vertiginous Violence:'  Science and Narrative Structure in Nineteenth-Century Literature,"  Session on Whitman, Melville, and Adams, Society for Literature and Science, Portland, OR, September 1990.

"‘The Original Eye:'  Whitman, Schelling, and the Return to Origins," American Literature Association, Baltimore, May 1993.

"America in the Westminster and the Westminster in America, 1840-1860," Society for History of Authorship, Reading, and Publication (SHARP), New York, June, 1993.

"Figuring the City:  Science, Journalism and Lyceum Culture in Poe and Whitman," American Studies Association, Boston, November 1993.

"‘All in the Family:' Towards a Theory of Nineteenth-Century Periodicals," American Literature Association, San Diego, June 1994.

“From Lecture to Periodical and Book, “ Society for Authorship, Reading and Publication, Edinburgh, July 1995.

“Training Teachers for the Future:  A Community College-University Partnership, “ Fifth National Conference on the Education and Employment of Graduate Teaching Assistants, Denver, November 1995.

“Respectable Old Blockheads, “ Science and Society in The North American Review, 1845-1860, American Literature Association, San Diego, May 1996.

“Whitman and the Dis-ease of the Perfect Body. “ Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Toronto, 1997.

Co-organizer and Presenter, Session on the Text of Whitman’s “Calamus,“ American Literature Association, San Diego, May, 1998.

Numerous Talks at MLA, ALA, and other conferences

Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, Emigration, and the Democratization of Britain, 1832-1844,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, San Francisco, 1998.

“Playing (and Countering) the Race Card: George Sanders, the Democratic Review and Whitman’s 1855 Preface, “ American Literature Association, San Diego, May 2000.

“‘Power and Form’: Learning and Unlearning the Lessons of the Academy, “ MLA Annual Convention, Washington, D.C., 2000.


Reviews of books:

Book reviews have appeared in American Literary Realism, Journal of American Studies, Comparative Literature Studies, South Atlantic Quarterly, Mickle Street Review, American Studies.


Work in progress:

Book on “Chambers’s Vestiges:  Subversive Science in the American Renaissance. “

Book on Walt Whitman and Science.

"‘All in the Family:' America in the Westminster and the Westminster in America," 1840-1860."




Planning and Priorities, 1981-85

Faculty Compensation, 1978-81

Graduate Council, 1976-79

Long-Range Planning, 1984

Committee on Research on Human Subjects, Chair, 1973-76

Faculty Housing, 1981-84

Board of Directors, Friends of Swem Library, 1984-88

Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

Educational Policy, 1970-73

Nominating Committee, 1979-83

American Studies, Chair, 1978-85

Graduate Studies Committee, 1975-78, 1980-current

English Department:

Director, Library Purchasing, 1970-72

Personnel Committee, 1977-79, 1983-85

Budget Committee

Moderator, English Club, 1969-75

Service:   Faculty Advisor, Balfour-Hillel, Jewish Students Organization

Professional Memberships:

Modern Language Association, American Literature Section

American Studies Association

Society for Literature and Science

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publication (SHARP)

Research Society for American Periodicals

American Literature Association