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Interested in Rugby?

No experience necessary!  We won't hesitate to teach you everything you need to know.

(If you've never played Rugby before and want to learn a bit more about the sport, visit our crossover/new athletes page here)

Tribe Women's Rugby is a club sport that can be played by people of all body types and athletic abilities, and therefore we're looking for a variety of people to join the team. We've had players from all different athletic backgrounds; no matter where you're at we'll help you learn the skills you need to have fun playing. There's no prior experience necessary.



Joining Tribe Women's Rugby is a great chance to learn a new sport, play competitively, have a lot of fun, and meet some great people at the same time. Come out and give it a shot!

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our officers or captains! (Here)
Or send an email to

If you have no prior experience...or just want to know a little more about the game, check out our link:

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How to get involved:

Come on out to practice!!!

Practices are from 5-7pm
     (4-6pm after September Daylight Savings)
Tuesday & Thursday: IM Field
Wednesday: Frat Field

Bring with you:

If you would like join our listserve or have any questions, send an e-mail to: with the following information:

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Are you a W&M student? [Y/N]
Year in school?
Previous rugby experience? [Y/N]

And, if you still aren't convinced:

"Rugby is not for prissy girls.  You learn to blow your nose without a kleenex and count each bruise with pride.  Your field might resemble a pig wallow one week or a slab of concrete the next.  It may take your parents a LONG time to adjust.  Your body can feel like you've been in a minor accident every weekend and you'll learn the true meaning of a bad hair day.  You will cry.  You will laugh.  You will sweat.  You will freeze.  If you want to be good, you will work harder than you ever thought you could and you will do it with a team full other women with potentially synchronized menstrual cycles.  Don't let ANYONE ever tell you you're not an athlete.  You're the truest kind - you play for the sheer love of it.  You will get stronger, faster, fitter, and braver, you will make unlikely and wonderful friends.  You will learn more every time you play - and some of that will even be about the game." ~ Anonymous Women's Rugby Player