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W&M SEAC has a blog!


Greening William and Mary is a site created by students and faculty to highlight some of the sustainable initiatives at William and Mary. Visit the site for two of 2007-2008's most successful projects: the Green Fee proposal, in which $200,000 will be given each year by students to fund facilities upgrades and a green endowment, and the Campus Sustainability Road Map, the resulting document of a highly successful Campus Sustainability seminar in the spring of 2008, where 150 students wrote proposals to promote sustainable activity in many different aspects of the College.

Started by W&M and SEAC alumni, the Back Porch Energy Initiative is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, VA. Back Porch works to cultivate local responses to the issue of energy consumption, wand works for environmental justice throught the Southeastern US. Back Porch also has a number of interns through the Environmental Science & Policy program at W&M each semester.

The Real Food co-op is a non-profit-to-be that helps provide local food to Williamsburg Residents. Weekly orders are collected over email, and food is picked up every Wednesday. Email for more info.

The Environmental Science & Policy program at William and Mary has provided invaluable help in our effort to promote sustainability here at the College. From holding a campus sustainability seminar in the spring of 2008 to providing assistance with surveys to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us when presenting proposals, we would not be where we are today without the help of the ENSP faculty and staff.

Coming soon: The College of William and Mary's Committee on Sustainability website.