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Seth H. Weinberg

Cardiac computational modeling

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At William and Mary, I am the Biomathematics Initiative post-doctoral fellow in the Applied Science Department.  I am a biomedical engineer interested in using mathematical modeling to understand phenomena related to cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias.  


Cardiac electrophysiology is the study of electrical signaling in the heart.  Calcium is the key molecule in cardiac muscle cells that couples electrical and mechanical signals and initiates synchronous contraction of the heart during healthy sinus rhythm.  As such, intracellular calcium levels are highly regulated throughout each cardiac cycle - through channels present on the cell membrane and intracellular stores, endogenous buffers, and other signaling proteins.   

My research focuses on developing computational models of calcium channels, to better understand the stochastic (or random) nature of channel gating in the setting of complex calcium regulation, multi-scale phenomenon (i.e., the influence of subcellular properties on cellular- and tissue-level dynamics), and cardiac disease.  I use techniques from engineering, mathematical biology, and computational modeling.  





Through the Biomath Initiative, I am interested in facilitating interaction and collaboration between mathematicians, biologists, computer scientists, and engineers.  Undergraduate students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to contact me.