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General Information

     The Men's Soccer Club is an organization devoted to providing male students with the unique opportunity to engage in or continue the experience of playing competitive soccer here at the College. The club consists of a wide range of skill level, from players who have played at the highest levels in high school (and many have played at the varsity level in College) to those who are trying out the team futbol experience for their first times. We love to have a good time on and off the field, which is why many of us consider this our team as well as our group of friends.
     Tryouts are held in the fall, although the team entertains interest year round. Tryouts are held not for the purposes of excluding based on skill level, but rather for the purposes of separating between two levels of competitiveness. Thus, every year we split participants into an "A" team and a "B" team.

     The A-Team is a travel intensive, commitment oriented club for the more-than-casual player. When you attend "try-outs" you are essentially trying out for the A-Team. The team will consist of around 25 or so members, though that number is subject to change based on what we see during tryout. Although we have lost some seniors, please note that EVERYONE (besides the captains and myself) will be trying out. I say this to new guys wondering how many/which spots are available, as well as to "returning" players who think they will cruise through tryouts. Every year is an opportunity to maximize the strength of our squad and further our success. A-Team members, once chosen, are expected to attend every practice, express willingness to train independently or with team members after normal practice hours (schedule permitting), and most importantly, attend games.

     The B-Team is a more casual level of commitment, and we pride ourselves on drawing enough skill to make the claim that the B-Team is by no means notches below the level of the A-Team in talent. While tryouts are for making the A-Team, being on the B-team does not exclude you from competing against other schools, or quite frankly from moving up to the A-Team at some point to help us out. That being said, the B-Team tends to be a larger team, less commitment oriented, and more for serving the interests of equal playing time.
     Members pay a minimal fee for dues. A-Team dues are typically higher than those of the B-team due to increased travel expenses.
     As always, feel free to contact members of the team for more info.