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I have taught a range of undergraduate courses at the College of William & Mary. You will find syllabi for a representative selection below.

Women's Studies
I taught Introduction to Women's Studies a number of times in the early 2000s, incorporating discussion of issues such as body image, international feminism, sexuality and racial identities.

Women's Studies 205: Introduction to Women's Studies. Spring 2005

Lower-level courses

I have taught a required course for the English major, British Literature II (a survey of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature), a number of times. Recently, I redesigned the course so I could teach it in blended format. I split my class into two groups, so that students would have a seminar-style experience, rather than a lecture-based one. One of their two weekly sessions was completed online using a multi-media, interactive module, and the other weekly session was taught in person in a highly participatory format. My blended syllabus is below.

English 204, British Literature II, Spring 2016

Upper-level courses
I have taught a range of upper-level courses and senior research seminars. See my syllabi below.

English 343, The English Novel 1832-1900, Spring 2011

English 411: Psychoanalysis and Literature, Spring 2012

English 416/WMST 390A, Lesbian Literatures, Fall 2012

English 475/WMST 490, Senior Seminar: Virginia Woolf, Spring 2013

English 475/GSWS 490: Senior Seminar, Divorce in the British Victorian and Edwardian Novel, Spring 2015

William & Mary in Washington
In Fall 2015, I was lucky enough to teach a program in the William & Mary in Washington Center, with my colleague in Geology, Professor Heather Macdonald. Our program was called "Working for Change: Social Movements in the Nation's Capital." Our students - from a wide variety of majors - completed full-time internships during the day, in a range of organizations and government agencies. They also took two academic courses, one organized around visiting speakers and site visits, and participated in a range of networking events at the Washington Center. See syllabi and other materials from the course below.

Schedule of classes, assignments and speakers

CMST 450/GSWS 390/ENSP 249/AMST 350/ENGL 200: Books that Launched Movements and the Movements They Launched

CMST 450/PUBL 390/GSWS 390/ENSP 249/AMST 350: Sustaining Social Movements: Research, Education, and Activism

INTR 399: Washington Program Internship