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KellyHey guys, my name is Kelly. I’m class of 2011, and I transferred here from a university in my hometown in California in fall of ’08. I’m a History major and my goal in life is to go to law school. The thing I love most about William and Mary are the people. The people here are helpful, friendly, driven to do their best and to help those around them succeed as well. We are the type of people who want to take a class about pirates, love spending time volunteering for causes we care about, enjoy watching our friends perform in 24 hour play festivals and are thrilled to read comics books in an English class (true story!)
    Outside of classes, I’m a member of TSA, Phi Alpha Delta-Pre law Fraternity, and my sorority Phi Mu, where I also serve as the Inter-Sorority Council Represenative.  I love how involved my classmates are and I’m always surprise and impressed by the number and diversity of activities my friends are involved with.  I emailed an “ask a TSA” when I was in the process of applying and her answers helped me immensely.  I love answering all kinds of questions about William and Mary, so feel free to ask away at!


MeganMy name is Megan Castle and I am a senior transfer student at William and Mary! I'm from Chicago, so as an "out-of-stater" I'm no stranger to adjusting to new places and situations. I transferred from Loyola University of Chicago at the beginning of my sophomore year and have loved every new experience at W&M!  As an English major, William and Mary is the ideal school for me as I am surrounded by insightful and curious minds that challenge me and help me to grow as a student. Not only have I found the professors welcoming, but I have also gained invaluable knowledge from class discussions with other students.  However, I believe that the academic side of college is only a fraction of what makes a college experience fulfilling.  In the last year I have gotten involved in theatrical shows, gotten a job at the William and Mary box office, have been accpted into the student-run group "I.T." (Improvisational Theatre), and have made some truly lasting friendships!  Email me questions at  Please ask me about academics, theatre, I.T., Chicago, or anything! I'd love to get to know you and answer questions!


BrynnHello everyone and welcome to William and Mary! My name is Brynn and I am a senior here at the College majoring in International Relations – with hopefully a minor in Chinese Language (if I can handle it!). I am from McLean Virginia, but I have been called a "Williamsburg townie returned" because Williamsburg is where I was born. I am an RA and live with wonderful people, some of whom
were my first friends from transfer orientation at William and Mary. I joined the sailing team with no experience last year, and absolutely love it. Last spring I was an intern in the Admissions Office as well as a reporter for the Flat Hat. I also have a part time job. I truly would love to help you in any way with questions about W&M at

EvrenGreetings to the members of the planet earth! Open Google Earth, enter W&M and you will fly to the campus filled with atmosphere of Thomas Jefferson. Maximize the map and take a glance at Swem Library. Here I am! Hello?! Now, my name is Evren, class of 2012. I was born in New York, lived in Azerbaijan for many years, and transferred to WM from Iowa State University where I was triple majoring in Economics, Math, and Finance. Here at William and Mary, I’m majoring in Economics with a special concentration in macroeconomics. I love Economics department as it gives me all the tools I need to succeed in the real world of economics shaped by John Maynard Keynes, Paul Samuelson, and others. Professors are masters in their fields be it International Economics, Macroeconomics, or Econometrics. All of them play great role in shaping my character as not only they help me in advancing my academic skills but also give advises on improving my self-efficiency and social skills. The best part of the story is that I’m not limited to my major as the coursework is a roller coaster that takes me to 1693 and then to 2010 when I study history, learn a new language, explore differential equations, read Aristotle, share stories of Hemingway, learn about Gemstones, study how planes fly, take a one credit course in Martial Arts or Kayaking, and listen to Vivaldi and Stravinsky. The day ends and your erudition pushes the limits of your mind if there are any. Later, you feel great!

Enough Academics! William and Mary is a school that beautifies you as a student and prepares you as a future scholar. Besides studying 60 hours in the Library, I go to Muscarelle Museum to see the works of Michelangelo, I sail paper-made boats in the creek, and enjoy spending professional moments with my professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Sometimes my heart wants a different experience which drags me into my other Fraternity Kappa Sigma where I socialize with smart, energetic, and friendly people who add different color to my social life. I don’t remember a single second when I was not doing anything. Shortly, when you first come here, imagine your life at WM as a plain paper with WM logo and your class schedule on it. You then start painting it by adding vivid colors, activities, connections, pictures and more on it. Later it resembles a marvelous sculpture which depicts your character!

William & Mary is all about energy and performance. You have to be a musician instead of a listener so that you show a great performance to become whoever you desire. I wish all of you good luck and please don’t hesitate to ask your friendly TSA, Evren Kassumzade, any questions you have through technology called: Email!