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Williamsburg Historic Records Association

The Williamsburg Historic Records Association exists to help Swem Library collect documents relating to the history of Williamsburg especially in the years after the 18th century.  It encourages individuals, families, businesses, and other institutions which have intertwined themselves with the development of Williamsburg and its surrounding area to consider documentary donations.   Contributions have ranged from a single photo or post card to large collections of personal or institutional records.

Those donations will be screened by the professionals in the Special Collections Research Center at Swem Library for possible inclusion in the College's collections.  For a list of donations so far associated with WHRA, click here.

The Association encourages those interested to become members--annual dues are modest: $5 (regular); $10 (sustaining); $25 (patron).  The Association's annual meeting, free and open to the public, comes usually on the last Sunday of April and features a speaker on some aspect of Williamsburg's history.

The 2017 meeting will be held Sunday, April 30,  3 p.m., in the church hall of St. Martin's Episcopal Church, on Jamestown Road.  Our speaker will be Rosemary Thornton, who has recently finished a book on Penniman, the WWI DuPont explosives facility on the York River (home to 15,000 workers), and its development and rapid demise.  A number of its structures were moved to Williamsburg, to the W&M campus, and even to Norfolk, where some survive to this day. 

Past speakers have included Bobby Braxton (on the development and history of Braxton Court); Robert Doares (on the Rev. Charles Minnigerode [1814-1894]); Judge Jeff Fairbanks (on anecdotes of the local courts); Carson Hudson (on Williamsburg during the Civil War); Louis Kale (on the restoration of the Wren Building); Thad Tate (on post-colonial travellers to Williamsburg); Carol Dubbs (on her book Defend This Old Town); and Lisa and Sean Heuvel (on "William and Mary: Historical Memory and the Civil War").


The Association was founded in 1984 by Dr. Janet Coleman Kimbrough.  It includes among its more than 200 members historians, archivists, librarians, history buffs, and other local history enthusiasts. 

Mailing address:


PO Box 1708  

Williamsburg VA 23187.

Current Board Members of the Association include:

President: Terry Meyers

Vice President: Bill Geiger

Secretary:  Louise Kale

Archivist: Susan Riggs

Treasurer: Del Moore

Members at Large (appointed by the Board): Carol Dubbs, Will Molineux

The current newsletter is available from Terry Meyers.