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Gottwald Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

College of William and Mary


Consultant in Polymer Science and Chemistry


Editor-in-Chief (1998-2014) 

Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology 


Department of Chemistry

College of William and Mary

P. O. Box 8795

Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795 USA

Phone: (757) 221-2552, -2540

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Physical organic chemist and polymer scientist with broad expertise in the degradation, stabilization, microstructure, polymerization mechan-isms, fire retardance, and smoke suppression of technologically important synthetic polymers, especially poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC). Also, extensive experience in air oxidation, antioxidants, free-radical chemistry, organic reaction mechanisms, and organic synthesis. Teacher of introductory and advanced courses in polymer science and organic chemistry.

Inventor of the ester thiol stabilization technology for PVC, which eliminates the need for stabilizers containing metals and has been licensed for commercialization in the US and overseas.

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