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I. Name

This organization will be known as The William and Mary Women’s Chorus, also abbreviated as the WMWC.


II. Purpose

The reason and purpose for this organization will be to gain a greater appreciation for women’s choral music through its performance. This will be accomplished by learning the proper vocal style and technique appropriate for the individual pieces. The goal will be for every woman in the group to gain personally and vocally through choral performance.


III. Membership

Auditions for membership in this organization will be open to all women attending the College of William and Mary. Auditions will be held the first week of the fall semester and privately, with the director, as necessary at the beginning of the spring semester. 
Attendance policies will be determined by the director at the beginning of the fall semester and may be revised at the start of the spring semester at the discretion of the director. 
Grading will be the responsibility of the director and will be based on attendance, class participation, and mastery of the music.


IV. Officers

Officers of this organization will assist the director in activities of the organization. 
This officer will be the official representative for the organization, apart from the director, at campus functions, off-campus functions, concerts, etc. This will include public speaking on behalf of the group at the request of the director. She will act as the liaison between the members and the director. She will be responsible for developing a concert formation for the members. She will organize and lead meetings of the officers at regular intervals convenient for the officers and the director alike. It is the president’s responsibility to conduct the business aspects of the organization, allowing the director to concentrate on the musical aspects of the group’s success. 
Vice President
This officer’s chief responsibility will be in fundraising for the organization and publicizing concert information. This officer will be in charge of scheduling, when necessary, tables, rooms, or easels in campus facilities for fundraising and publicity purposes. She will be responsible for scheduling members to sell tickets for concerts when necessary. She will encourage participation in all organization activities. 
The treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the financial business of the organization. Her duties will include collection of dues, writing checks for the reimbursement of officers for organization activities, and obtaining account statements from the director. The treasurer will maintain the checkbook and checking account into which all organization funds are to be deposited. She will be the organization’s liaison to the bank in regard to the organization’s finances. She will maintain a balanced checkbook and maintain records of all the organization’s financial transactions. Receipts and deposit slips will be kept for administrative purposes. 
Recording Secretary
The recording secretary will keep attendance records for all rehearsals and concerts. It will be her responsibility to report any attendance problems to the director in addition to notifying the members of her attendance problems. She will also be responsible for taking minutes at officer’s meetings. At the start of every semester, she will also compile and/or update a Women’s Chorus Directory for distribution. 
Corresponding Secretary
The corresponding secretary will keep accurate records of all alumnae members of the Women’s Chorus. She will be responsible for all general Women’s Chorus correspondence, as well as notifying alumnae of upcoming concerts and events, including regular seasonal concerts of the Women’s Chorus and the annual Spring Tour. In addition, she will host receptions for alumnae following Holiday, Spring, and Touring concerts. 
Two members will be elected to fulfill the duties of this position. The librarians will assign folders and music to all the organization’s members. They will number and stamp the new pieces prior to placing them in folders. It will be their responsibility to account for the pieces of music, keep them in good repair, and collect the music and folders at the end of the year or at the director’s request. 
A historian will be elected for the purposes of documenting organization activities, including social, class related, and concert activities. She will maintain a chorus scrapbook and organize the Women’s Chorus yearbook page. She will also assist the Webmaster by providing or supplementing pictures for the chorus webpage. 
Wardrobe Chairpersons
Two members will be elected to fulfill the duties of this position. They will be responsible for the uniform appearance of the organization during performance situations. Their duties will include cataloging wardrobe pieces at the beginning of the year, measuring new members for uniforms, ordering uniform pieces as necessary, and altering or re-ordering pieces as needed. They will also be responsible for the distribution and collection of pearl necklaces at the beginning and end of the academic year. 
Social Chairpersons
Two members will be elected to fulfill the duties of this position. They will encourage interaction and involvement among the members of the organization. It will be their duty to make each member feel special and as an integral part of the group. They will be responsible for observing each member’s birthday as well as organizing social events for the organization throughout the year. 
Concert Manager
Two members will be elected to fulfill the duties of this position. The responsibilities of these officers will be to ensure the technical success of performance situations. Their duties will be to make sure that all risers and necessary equipment are transported to the concert location and that they are returned when the performance is over. She will also head the Recording Committee to ensure the recording of all performances for posterity and future Women’s Chorus compilation albums. 
Web mistress
The Web mistress will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Women’s Chorus web page. She will also work in conjunction with the Historian in obtaining pictures and other information to use on the Web page.



V. Elections

The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer will be elected before the end of the Spring Semester for the upcoming academic year. The remaining positions will be elected early in the fall semester for the remainder for the academic year. However, if it is deemed necessary by the current Officer Board, selected position(s) may be elected before the end of the Spring Semester for the upcoming academic year. Each officer will be elected by a simple majority vote of the members in attendance at the meeting. The President will not vote unless there is a tie, in which case she will be the deciding vote. The Treasurer will assist her with counting the votes. The terms of office will last for the length of the academic year. Officers not in compliance with their duties will be dealt with first on an individual basis within the officers, then, if necessary, the director. Members will vote after discussion with the director, on the impeachment of officers. The Vice President will fill the position of President and Treasurer in case of an impeachment of one of those officers. Any other position will be left vacant until an election can be held to fill the office.


VI. Committees

Social Committee
There will be a social committee to assist the social chairs with their duties to the organization. There will be up to six members on this committee in addition to the chairs. The committee members will be elected at the same time as the other officers. 
End-of-the-Year Committee
There will be a committee for the end of the year party. This committee will be formed of the president and any other interested members of the organization. It will begin functioning in the spring semester to plan the party to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization throughout the year and the graduating seniors. 
Recording Committee
There will be a committee to record all Women’s Chorus performances. This committee will be comprised of the Concert Manager and up to 10 recording-trained members. Those members wishing to be part of this committee will volunteer at the time of elections and will be required to attend a training session offered within the following weeks. The committee will record all performances, coordinate transportation of equipment with the Concert Manager, and facilitate set-up and clean up of equipment.


VII. Meetings

The organization will meet at the discretion of the director. As an academic course, member will receive credit per semester; however, one is to be aware that a commitment to the organization is for a full academic year.


VIII. Dues

Dues will be levied once a year, at the beginning of the fall semester. These will be given to the Treasurer and deposited into the organization’s checking account. Monies will be used for social events and equipment that the organization may need.


IX. Amendments

Amendments to this constitution will be proposed when necessary. The reasoning behind the amendment will be explained, and at the next scheduled organization meeting members will give positives and negatives towards the amendment as well as ask questions. Once all questions have been answered and the general discussion has been closed and seconded upon motions by two different members, the amendment will be voted upon. Amendments must be voted on by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting in which they are voted.


X. Ratification
This constitution was ratified April 22, 1999. Amended April 9, 2002. Amended October 12, 2004.