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Lab Members


 Front (L to R): McNamara, Louis the bulldog, Indi, Mariah, Jessica, Teri, Rico, Charlie the pug, Megan, Zach. Back (L to R): William, Tubb, Ryan, Brett, Sam Dyer, Nick Race


Megan Screen, 2018

Daughter of Tom Brady, Megan is from Foxborough, MA. She has been known to under inflate hydrogen balloons and film other lab members running reactions.

Shichuan "RRRRRRRRRRRRRICO" Xi, 2018

Rico joins us from one of the Dakotas (is there a difference?). When he is not cycling without a helmet, he is analyzing deep scientific concepts. For example "If we can see ants, can ants see single cells?" - Rico Xi

Sophia Padilla, 2019

Trained under the legendary Wanji Zhang.  Knows the 5 point palm technique. 

William Lake, 2019

From a "Containment Area for Relocated Yankees, in NC," William is somehow not into College Basketball. He is into beating Rico at tennis, however. 

Indi Stevens, 2019

Indi is a body pump guru. She has been known to clean and press Ryan DiRisio while running column chromatography.

Brett Barden, 2018

Brettbart is on the swim team. Brett managed to escape Rio without damaging property.

Nick Race, M.S. candidate

Father of Chester, Nick will not hesitate to show you pictures of his child.

 Michelle Ott, 2020

Michelle is a true artist. She once answered an acid/base exam question by drawing sheep.

Samuel "Sam" Gale, 2020

Hark upon the Gale. Sam will help to loosen most things: solvent caps, gas regulators, spirits, etc. In his spare time, he trains with the Marines.

Samuel "Sam" Dyer, 2020

Sam went through ISC and is a triplet. Just waiting to fall back down.

Zachary Schiffman, 2020

Moonlights as a colonial ghost tour guide, Zach can be seen photographing spirit orbs in our fume hoods.