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ALSO, veggie bus: 3 things lipsers are doing...

1)  lipsers are going to try to raise money to make lips an actual NGO, or non-profit group? its really technical AND expensive. Lips needs your help! Help us raise an extra $800 this semester :)

2) lipsers are working to buy a really cheap school bus and install in it a beautiful veggie engine. Hopefully, with 2 the Bottom and Back and their environmentally conscious sponsors ;)  

3) come see us at RICHMOND ZINE FEST!  Lips is going to have a table there. wooooot!

Yo! Hope your summer is super sexxxy! some summer time suggestions from your friendly neighborhood female sexuality magazine...


READ: The Case of the Female Orgasm

if you have a reading suggestion comment below or email lips ( to get the blog username and password!


SEND: your input about the lips independent feminist veggie bus should to or comment below. Specifically, what do you think is the best way to 1) spread peace and love and free speech and 2) get moniez for food and gas or 3) general comments on the bus project. We hope to get this project rolling next spring.



PS- here is the methods section of the draft of our project mission draft thing. 

METHODS. Lips will travel to US campused to speak to the importance of Independent Media, get publications started, and open chapters of Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality.

We will contact women’s studies and media departments at colleges and organize times and venues to teach. We will ask that these departments advertise our classes to students who are interested in having their voices heard. Anyone from artists, comic book writers, feminists, environmentalists and fraternity brothers are encouraged to participate in the classes (and gatherings). We will remain in the college town for a weekend, teaching one to two classes per day. Some ideas:

 Friday: Why Independent Media?/ How to get your voice heard (Independent Media 101)/ Media Literacy 101/Feminist Critiques of Media  

Saturday: Zine Workshop/How to Start a Lips Chapter 

Lips is a feminist organization, and therefore, will emphasize the problems in media such as dishonest conversations about sex and sexuality, ideals of mass consumption and the objectification of women in corporate media. These ideals promoted by corporate media not only promote economic stratification and narcissism, but also sexualization in media causes unhealthy sexual development in young men and women, as well as depression, low self-esteem and eating disorders among women of all ages. This being said, the Lips bus riders want to work with any individual or group who wishes to address problems in our society that produce inequalities such as racism, economic inequality and environmental degradation. 


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A two-minute Facebook break from my Syntax final became a five-minute Etsy frenzy, and then a ten-minute Regretsy jam, and THEN I FOUND THIS.  For the full effect, click on "View it in a Room".  Merry friggin' Christmas, you sexy folks.

And happy all other holidays,

The American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that the proliferation of sexual images of girls and young women in the media is harming their self-image and development.

An APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls examined research papers covering the effect of all kinds of media content including television, music videos, magazines, video games, the Internet, movies, and music lyrics. They also looked at the way products are sold and advertised to young girls...

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