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Williamsburg Mental Health Resources

William and Mary Counseling Center 


Address: Blow Hall, Rm 240

Phone: (757) 221-3620

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am - 12pm; 1pm - 5pm


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Phone: 1-(800)273-TALK


NAMI Williamsburg Area

Primary Phone: (757) 220-8535

Email Address:




ADR Clinical Associates

Diane D. Abdo, PsyD

Robert J. Abdo, EdD

1309 Jamestown Road, Suite 101

Williamsburg (757) 220-8800


Colonial Services Board 

1657 Merrimac Trail

Williamsburg (757) 220-3200


Lester Dubnick, EdD

1309 Jamestown Road, Suite 101

Williamsburg (757) 220-0645


Eastern State Hospital

4601 Ironbound Rd.

Williamsburg (757) 253-5161


Jose A. Erfe, MD and Associates

Jose A. Erfe, MD

Randy N. Walton, PhD

Linda Spalding, LPC, LMFT

Loren Council, PsyD

481 McLaws Circle, Suite 1

Williamsburg (757) 229-9286


Family Living Institute

Teri Ancellotti, PhD

Carl J. Beffa, MSW

Thomas D. Coe, PhD

Thayer Cory, LPC, LMST

Donna K. Griset, LPC

David Hopkinson, PhD

John J. Lee, MD

Lillian W. Lieverman, LCSW

Alfonso Lopez-Cardona, MD

Jo-Ann Wagner, LCSW

1318 Jamestown Rd.

Williamsburg (757) 229-7927


Charles L. Koah, LPC

1769 Jamestown Road, Suite 104

Williamsburg (757) 871-3693


Let’s Talk

Leslie N. Brown, LCSW

1312 Mount Vernon Ave., Suite 1312

Williamsburg (757) 221-0091


Life Results, PLLC

Renee del Rio, PsyD, NBCCH

136 Little John Rd.

Williamsburg (757) 345-6706


Poplar Creek Psychological & Counselling Center

Theresa L Noveras, MD

3305 Poplar Creek Ln.

Williamsburg (757) 564-8522


Psychological Associates of Williamsburg

Marnee S. Colburn, PhD, LCP

Patricia A. Ondercin, PhD, LCP

1313 Jamestown Rd., Suite 105

Williamsburg (757) 253-1462


Paul D. Reilly, MD

1115 Old Colony Lane

Williamsburg (757) 253-0691


Williamsburg Center for Therapy

Edward H. Tiller, PhD

Nancy A. Wiseman, LPC

Nancy B. Geary, RN, LPC

Suzanne E. Brassel, PhD

Susan C. Nicholson, PhD, LCSW

Mary Ann Massey, LMFT

Hellen Hope Dillard, LPC

Angela von Hayek, PhD, LPC, LMFT

Karen W. Fox, PhD, RN 

217 McLaws Circle, Suite 2

Williamsburg (757) 253-0371


Williamsburg Psychiatric Medicine, PLLC

Kelly Chun, MD 

372 McLaws Circle, Suite 1

Williamsburg (757) 253-7651


Your Next Chapter Coaching & Counseling Services

Jane Siegel, LPC, LMFT

1769 Jamestown Rd.

Williamsburg (757) 258-0853