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The Jefferson Qur'an



"This is excellent scholarship...She is very brave to make these  claims about Jefferson."

- H.R.H. Prince Ghazi of Jordan, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

In Fall 2011, Alexandra taught a class on Islam in America, where she traced Islam's history and its legacy in American history and culture. From the Founding Fathers to the Jazz Age, Alexandra and her students explored the myriad ways that Islam influenced American culture. One particular lecture made a significant impression on Jefferson's alma mater, The College of William & Mary. As part of the 250th anniversary of Jefferson's graduation from the College, Alexandra was invited to reprise her most popular lecture of the previous fall: "Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an." The lecture was delivered to an audience that was standing room only in front of faculty, staff, students, and H.R.H. Prince Ghazi of Jordan. Following her lecture, Oxford Islamic Studies Online invited Alexandra to convert her lecture into a longer piece for its InFocus series, the full text of which is located here.

If you are interested in inviting Alexandra to speak to your school group or organization about "The Jefferson Qur'an," please send her an e-mail at She is currently residing in the Boston-area, but is happy to travel within Southern New England and via Skype.

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