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To download copies of the standard premedical, predental, and prevet handouts, click the links.

Letter to prospective students and their families

Clinical and service opportunities during the pandemic

1) Fall 2021 Information Sheet for New Students

2) Course Selection for William & Mary Premedical Students

3) A Premed's Guide to the COLL Curriculum

4) What to Do and When to Do It: A Timeline for William & Mary Premeds

5) The Premed Mentor Program

6) Recommended Reading List for William & Mary Premedical Students

7) Cohen Career Center Resources for Pre-Health Students

8) Overview of the VCU and EVMS Early Assurance Programs

9) Advice for William & Mary Predental Students

10) Advice for William & Mary Prevets

11) Advice for William & Mary Students Interested in Pharmacy

12) The Sentara Williamsburg Scribe Program

13) Sentara Scribe Program Application

14) The Spackle Approach to MCAT Prep

15) AAMC Guidelines for Students Involved In Patient Care During Clinical Experiences Abroad

16) ADEA Guidelines for Predental Students Providing Patient Care During Clinical Experiences Abroad

17) Clinical Volunteer and Scribe Opportunities in the Williamsburg Area

18) Advice for International Students

19) Competencies Worksheet

20) Sample Competencies Worksheet: Fictional Example

21) Minorities in Medicine (MIMs)

22) Health Careers Club

23) Dr. Sher's recommendation background form

24) Pre-Vet Club

25) Dental Society of William & Mary