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The Campus Kitchen at W&M


Please visit our new website, we will only be posting news and updating new information there from now on.


Who we are: 

Our group is an affiliate of the national volunteer organization, The Campus Kitchens Project.  Our goal is to use existing resources to meet nutritional and hunger needs, while also empowering individuals and fostering connections between college and community. Altogether, we serve meals to nearly 200 food-insecure residents each week totaling a near 10,000 meals a year.


How we do it:


  • Recovery: Volunteers receive and catalog donated food from local food donors. In the past we have primarily received food from A Gift from Ben and Vibrant Life Ministries, as well as the Williamsburg Farmer's Market. We are currently seeking partnerships with local grocers and restaurants for new sources of protein and fresh produce. 
  • Meal preparation: Volunteers gather at the donated kitchen space of the Williamsburg Presbyterian Church to cook and package nutritious meals twice a week.
  • Delivery: Volunteers then deliver these packaged meals to the four low-income subsidized housing communities within Williamsburg.
  • Community & Education: Through our weekly Fun at Five program, field trips, and monthly student-attended dinners, volunteers build positive relationships with the families that receive our meals. Visit our Education page to learn more. 

    Interested in volunteering with us? Sign up for a shift here.  

    If you have any questions, please contact one of our Exec Managers: Annie Goldblatt at OR Thomeka Watkins at

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