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The Student CARES team is composed of passionate and involved students who work together to promote positive body image, and increasing awareness about nutrition and health.

If you are interested in joining our close-knit group, please contact us.

When are CARES meetings?

Our first meeting of the semester will be an interest meeting on September 1, 2010 at 9 PM in Washington 305. For the rest of the semester, CARES meetings are Wednesdays at 9:15 PM in Morton 341!

What are the goals of the Student CARES team?

We seek to increase awareness about eating disorders. To do this, we provide educational programs to inform (and to help) the W&M community with eating issues. As a parallel, we also seek to promote positive body image and body acceptance throughout campus. Essentially, we promote healthy lifestyle choices among the student body.

So what exactly does CARES do?

The Student CARES team is very active in the W&M community. Throughout the year, we have flyering campaigns to inform students about the benefits of making healthy eating choices. We have also developed a series of programs and presentations to give to campus groups regarding eating disorders, body image, and so on.

Not only that, but the Student CARES team also works with the Mental Health and Wellness Committee (MHWC) to provide several campus-wide events every semester. In February, the CARES teams have informational tables and resources regarding National Eating Disorders Awareness Weeks. Later in the spring semester, CARES also puts together and entire Love Your Body Week, packed full of events promoting positive body image. The events include nationally-known speakers, a Walk with the President, and a dance showcase with a variety of dance groups on campus.

We are also in the process of planning several other events (either for the club or for campus) for the coming semesters. If you have any ideas and want to help, please contact us. We'd love for you to join us.

I'm interested in these programs. What does CARES offer?

If your campus group (or residence hall) is interested in having the Student CARES team make one of our presentations, you can contact Sarah Son, our presentation coordinator. Tell us which of the following presentations you would be most interested in. If there is anything related to eating and body image issues that you would like to add (nutrition or exercise, for example), please let us know.

CARES currently offers the following programs:
The Dangers of Crash Dieting
What I Like About Me: Body Image
How to Help a Friend with Eating or Body Image Issues
Stress Eating

Why should I join CARES?

We are an active group of students who truly care about the body image and eating issues presented by the college lifestyle. If you care about these things, you would be welcomed to our team with open arms. We are a tightly knit group of students who work hard to achieve our goals. We also love to have fun! Meetings are full of laughs and we all usually have a wonderful time. If you have the least bit of interest, we invite you to join us in one of our meetings!

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