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The W&M Chapter of the ACS Chemistry Club is divided into four committees, each headed by an officer or senior member of the club.  Each committee is a small working group of Chemistry Club members who focus on a specific achieving a certain aspect of our club's mission or short-term goals.  Committees meet on an as-needed basis depending on their goals and upcoming events.  Individual committees are formed and decommissioned on a routine basis to meet the needs of the club.  If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact the respective chair for more information on meeting times, current group initiatives, etc.

Fundraising Committee

Chair: Desmarie Sherwood '13 (

The Fundraising Committee is in charge of raising money for club expenses.  This year, we have designed and sold W&M Beaker Mugs and inaugural W&M Chemistry Club t-shirts.

Inreach Committee

Co-Chairs: Joel Frohlich'12 ( & Natalie Wong '14 (

The Inreach Committee is in charge of planning on campus club events.  Inreach is also responsible for providing the entertainment at our monthly meetings, such as trivia questions and hide-and-seek in the ISC.  This year, Inreach is planning to hold a Make-Your-Own-Soap night and and Easter Egg hunt.

Outreach Committee

Chair: Jackie Blake-Hedges '13 (

The Outreach Committee is responsible for planning off campus and non-club events (for example, volunteer days).  This year, Outreach has scheduled a DNA extraction lab demonstration at Matthew Whaley Elementary School in Williamsburg.  In addition, we have sponsored an outside speaker for the weekly departmental seminar series, and we have formed a team for the College's Relay for Life.

Magic Show Committee

Chair: Amy Green '12 (

The Magic Show Committee is dedicated to planning the annual magic show our club holds in the spring.