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Cheryl L. Dickter


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Cheryl L. Dickter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
College of William & Mary
Department of Psychology

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Research Interests

Stereotyping and Prejudice; Psychophysiology (EEG); Social Cognition; Person Perception; Smoking Initiation and Maintenance

My research interests are in social psychology with an emphasis on social cognition and person perception. More specifically, I study the processes involved in stereotyping and prejudice. I am interested in the social categorization process and how contextual information affects social judgment. I also study the factors involved in confronting prejudicial remarks, and I explore how confrontation can be a possible prejudice reduction strategy.

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Courses Taught

Advanced Research Methods in Social Psychology

Elementary Statistics

Social Psychology

Seminar on Stereotyping and Prejudice

Freshman Seminar: Underrepresented Scholars in the Academy