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Opportunity to Participate in Research

Welcome, this website is the construction of Courtney Holmes, a doctoral candidate at the College of William & Mary. This site has been designed to solicit participation in a dissertation research project studying the similarites and differences between traditional, face-to-face counseling, and online counseling. This research project has been approved by the Human Subjects Protection Committee of William & Mary.

Technology and the internet have allowed for the counseling field to expand in many ways and with new opportunities, comes the need for research that informs how counselors better serve their clients.

If you participated in my study and would like the results, please click on the "results" tab on the left-hand side of the website. If you have questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you again and please email me ( or my dissertation chair, Dr. Victoria Foster ( with any questions or concerns. Finally, if you have questions about participation in this study please contact Lee Kirkpatrick, Chair of the Human Subjects Protection Committee at William & Mary ( or 757-221-3997).

Courtney Holmes