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Should you ask me to write a letter on your behalf?

Writing enthusiastic letters for excellent current and former students is a pleasure, a part of my job, and also good karma.  If you are contemplating asking me to write a letter recommending you, consider the sorts of things I typically write, as they pertain to your performance in my class(es). 


What do I usually include in recommendation letters?

Please approach me with recommendation letter requests at least TWO WEEKS in advance.  I will need the following materials so that I can write the best possible letter for you:

  1. your resume (standard 1-pager is fine)
  2. personal statement or cover letter, which may be in draft form -- this shows me how you are representing yourself and enables me to complement your self-presentation
  3. any required forms, with your part completed
  4. address/fax/website to which I should send the letter
  5. DUE DATE for letter
  6. optional and helpful: paper you wrote for my class, with my comments


You may send the above materials to me via e-mail or regular mail.  Good luck with your application, and keep me posted!