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Conference Papers and Invited Talks


The Aesthetic Body Politic: Contested National Imaginaries in Chinese Dance.” American Anthropology Association Annual Meeting (AAA), San Francisco.

“‘Revolutionary, Ethnicized, and Adapted to the Masses’: Red Grassland Performance Troupes (Wulanmuqi) and Nomadic Culture in 21st-Century China.” Central Eurasian Studies Society Annual Conference (CESS), Bloomington.

Dynamic Inheritance: Authorship, National Culture, and the Body in Chinese Dance.” Ohio State University Center for Chinese Studies 2012-13 Lecture Series. Invited Talk. 

从欧美的舞蹈形势试探蒙古舞的未来”(From the Euro-American Situation, Probing the Future of Mongolian Dance). University of Inner Mongolia Arts Academy, Hohhot. Invited Lecture.

传统是一条河试探中国舞蹈的文化传承” (Tradition is a River: Cultural Inheritance in Chinese Dance). Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai.

传统是一条河试探中国舞蹈的文化传承” (Tradition is a River: Cultural Inheritance in Chinese Dance). East Chinese Normal University, Shanghai.

传统是一条河试探中国舞蹈的文化传承” (Tradition is a River: Cultural Inheritance in Chinese Dance). Central University of Nationalities, Beijing.

“Performing Confucius: Cultural Nationalism and the Contemporary Chinese Stage.” William and Mary Confucius Institute Faculty Forum on the Confucian Classics, Williamsburg.

Embodying the Minority: Mongolian Dancer Siqintariha and Ethnic Identity in China.” Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting (AAS), Toronto.

Is Heritage Gendered? Debates Over Female Movement in the Making of Chinese Classical Dance." William and Mary Women's Studies/Africana Studies Brownbag, Williamsburg.


“Inheriting the Future: Legacies of Socialist Realist Epistemology in China.” American Anthropology Association Annual Meeting (AAA), Montreal.

“Red Tears: Virtuosity as Political Potential in Maoist Dance” (Working Group Paper). Association for Theater Research Annual Meeting (ASTR), Montreal.

Gudianwu (古典舞 Chinese Classical Dance), 1949-2009: Embodying and Contesting Chineseness in Mao and Post-Mao China. Association for Asian Performance Annual Meeting (AAP), Chicago.

试论中国舞蹈里的中国概念--中美舞蹈学比较研究 (The Idea of China in 'Chinese dance': Chinese and American Dance Scholarship in Comparison). Shanghai Theater Academy Dance School, Shanghai.

人类学与人类表演学的交叉研究--浅谈美国的人类表演研究概况 (Intersections in Research Between Anthropology and Performance Studies: On the Present Situation of Performance Research in the United States). Shanghai Theater Academy Schechner Center for Performance Studies, Shanghai.

剑桥大学和伯克利的研究生教育(Graduate Studies at Cambridge and Berkeley). Shanghai Theater Academy Schechner Center for Performance Studies, Shanghai.

“Performing ‘National Essence’: Chinese Classical Dance as Embodied Cultural Nationalism in the Reform Era China.” AAS, Honolulu.


“Making a Home on the Road: Performance, Socialism and the Ethics of Contemporary Chinese Nomadism.” AAA, New Orleans.  

“Disposition and Dynamism: The Corporeal Politics of ‘Shi’  ( Power /Potential /Position /Circumstance) in Chinese Classical Dance. ASTR/Congress on Research of Dance Annual Meeting (CORD), Seattle.

“Embodying ‘National Essence’: Chinese Classical Dance as Cultural Nationalism in Post-Mao China” Corporeal Nationalisms: Dance and the State in East Asia Conference, UC Berkeley.

“Selling Out” Post Mao: Dance Labor, the Individual Psyche and China’s New Ethics     

      of Work” China Inside Out: Modernity and the Individual Psyche China Institute Signature Conference. Australia National University, Canberra. 

“‘It’s a Problem with the System’: Cultural Work, State Responsibility and Organizational Reform in the People’s Republic of China.” Stanford Anthropology Brown Bag Colloquium, Stanford University.

“An Aesthetic of Vitality: The Cultivation of Yunwei [韵味] in Contemporary Chinese Classical Dance. Annual Conference on Chinese Oral and Performing Literature (CHINOPERL), Philadelphia, and Stanford-Berkeley Chinese Humanities Graduate Student Conference.


“The Emptying out of Virtuosity: Valuing Embodied Artistic Skill and the Fate of ‘Spirit’ in China’s Market.” AAA, Philadelphia.

“The Virtuosic Subject in Contemporary China.” International Committee for Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Conference, Kunming.

修养在草原文化的重要性 (The Importance of Cultivation in the Development of Grassland Culture). China Grassland Culture Forum, Hohhot.

舞蹈、修养与中国的社会变迁:从人类学视角解读新中国的舞者 (Dance, Cultivation, and Social Transformation in China: An Anthropological Approach to Chinas Dancers). Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Anthropology Colloquium, Central University of Nationalities, Beijing.

中国舞蹈口述史 (Oral Histories of Chinese Dance) and 以论文为创作(Making the Thesis a Creative Work). Beijing Dance Academy Department of Chinese Classical Dance, Beijing.


浅谈美国的人类表演学新学科、批判理论与文化人类学的中国研究 (A Brief Discussion of the New Discipline Performance Studies in the United States, Critical Theory and Anthropological Research on China). Peking University Department of Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Student Conference, Beijing.

“Understanding Twentieth-Century Chinese History Through Dance” Arizona State University Summer Study Abroad Program, Beijing.      


中国革命舞蹈的新历史研究:上海的革命艺术历史 (Research on Chinese Revolutionary DanceHistory of Revolutionary Art in Shanghai). Tsinghua University History Department Graduate Student Conference, Beijing. 

“Conformists, Blue Ants, and Robots: How the Concept of Creativity Came to Define Chinese Otherness, a Genealogy of Difference.” Asia and the Other Conference, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei.

“Quantum Healing, or the Mimetic Excess of New Age: Making the Body Speak in Clinical Trials of Alternative Medicine.” Bodily Proof Graduate Student Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.    

“Technique and Innovation: Theorizing and Historicizing Virtuosity as a Keyword in Performance Studies.” Dance Under Construction Conference,  Riverside.


“A New History of the Chinese Revolutionary Dance Drama: Theatrical Dance in Shanghai as Politicized Public Art, 1917-1949.” Berkeley Symposium on the Politics of Public Art, Berkeley.


“Dance as Intervention: Aesthetics of Experience in French Contemporary Dance.” Dance Under Construction Conference, Los Angeles.


“Aesthetics of Experience in French Contemporary Dance” Cambridge Body Research Group Colloquium, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.