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College of William and Mary August 2011-2013                                               

Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Chinese Studies, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Courses taught:

   Chinese Popular Culture

   Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature

   Freshman Writing Seminar: “Theater, Dance and Performance in China”

   Advanced Seminar in Chinese Studies: “Invented Traditions in 20th-Century China” (in Chinese and English) 

   Advanced Seminar in Chinese Studies: "China and the Scientific Imagination” (in Chinese and English)

   East Asian Cultures Through Film

   Introduction to Chinese Folk Dance (co-taught with guest instructor)  

   Honors Thesis Advisor (Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies, and Anthropology)


University of California, Davis January-March 2011                                            

Visiting Instructor of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Courses taught:

   Modern Chinese Drama

   Chinese Popular Literature


University of California, BerkeleyJan 2005- Dec 2010                                        

Graduate Student Instructor, Anthropology Department. Courses taught:

   Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

   Reading and Composition in Anthropology: “China’s Socialisms”

   Introduction to Medical Anthropology

   Anthropology and China

   Anthropology of Religion