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Harbron Research Group

Summer 2020

(clockwise from top left) Matthew, Prof. Harbron, Isabelle, Elizabeth

2020 Harbron Lab








Summer 2019

(l-r) Isabelle, Lisa, Shreyas, Matthew, Prof. Harbron, Jaclyn

Harbron Lab Summer 2019









Summer 2018

(l-r) Andrew, Matt, Prof. Harbron, Matthew, Lisa

2018 Harbron Lab













Summer 2017

(l-r) Matt, Lisa, Tyler, Hank, Andrew, Elizabeth, Prof. Harbron

Summer Research 2017

















Summer 2016

(l-r) Hong-Anh, Lisa, Ben, Aaron, Prof. Harbron, Mona, Elizabeth, Sarah

2016 Summer Research Group










Summer 2015

(l-r) Grace T., Sarah, Prof. Harbron, Aaron, Sumaia, Ben

2015 Harbron Lab all










Summer 2014

 (l-r) Christian, Carolyn, Melissa, Prof. Harbron, Sarah, Grace T., Grace P.

Harbron Group Summer 2014








Summer 2013

(l-r) Grace P., Prof. Harbron, Will, Nikki, Carolyn, Grace T., Christian













 Summer 2012

(l-r) Grace, Will, Prof. Harbron, Des, Elena

Harbron Research Group 2012












Summer 2011

(clockwise from top) Katie, Elena, Prof. Harbron, Des, Beth, Will

Harbron Group Summer 2011















Summer 2010

(l-r) Prof. Harbron, Brooklynd, Christina, Katie, Thomas Jefferson, Will, Beth, Clare, Courtney

Harbron Group Summer 2010











Summer 2009

(l-r) Brooklynd, Jordan, Christina, Blackbeard, Katie, Becca, Prof. Harbron

Harbron Group Summer 2009








Summer 2008

(l-r) Jordan, Chris, Christina, Becca, Prof. Harbron, Brooklynd, Josh

Harbron Group Summer 2008










Summer 2007

Prof. Harbron, Josh, Nick, Scott, Chris

Harbron Group Summer 2007











Summer 2006

Prof. Harbron, Katelynn, Deana, Matt    (not pictured: Steven)

Harbron Group Summer 2006









Summer 2005


front row (l-r): Ryan, Chris

back row (l-r): Prof. Harbron, Matt, Deana, Steven


Harbron Group Summer 2005


















Summer 2004

front row (l-r): Krista, Courtney, Jake, Steven

back row (l-r): Elisa, Chris, Mirth, Prof. Harbron, Diego

Harbron Group Summer 2004











Summer 2003
Mirth and Steven
Harbron Group Summer 2003 laser lab











Krista, Courtney, and Jessica
Harbron Group Summer 2003 wet lab