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COURSES TAUGHT (* indicates  new courses)


COLL 100 Cosmology and the History of Wonder*

INTR 475 Time in Science and Science Fiction*

INTR 490 The Idea of the University

PHYS 105 Great Ideas in Physics

PHYS 121 Physics of Music

PHYS 150 Freshman Seminar:  Time*

PHYS 150 Freshman Seminar: Energy and the Environment*

PHYS 175 Cosmology

PHYS 176 Astronomy

PHYS 208 Classical Mechanics of Particles and Waves I

PHYS 267 The Strategic Arms Race:  The Scientific Viewpoint*

PHYS 276 Modern Astronomy and Astrophysics

PHYS 475 Mathematical methods for undergraduates

PHYS 495 Seminar on Linear and Nonlinear Waves*



PHYS 601 Classical Mechanics

PHYS 621 (also PHYS 603) Mathematical physics for graduates

PHYS 682 Special topics:  Introduction to Turbulence Theory*

PHYS 690 Introduction to Time Series Analysis*

PHYS 690 Advanced Topics in Time Series Analysis*

PHYS 690 Bayesian Methods in Data Analysis*

PHYS 690 Linear and Nonlinear Waves*

PHYS 790 Nonlinear Dynamics*

PHYS 790 Geometry and groups in classical and semi-classical physics*