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OliviaJohn Marken (16, Mathematics).

Jeffrey Liu (15, Biophysics).

Eric Dove (16, Mathematics & Neuroscience).

Sara McKinstry (12, Neuroscience).

James Janopaul-Naylor (14, Mathematics & Neuroscience).

Olivia Walch (11, Mathematics & Biophysics).

Kiah Hardcastle (14, Neuroscience).

McKenzie Jump (11, Neuroscience). 

Matt Peppe (11, Math & Chemistry).

Claire Kaplan (09, Neuroscience).

Jana Hartman (09, Physics).  Physics senior thesis: Calcium spark frequency and ER leak in a hybrid model of local and global calcium responses.

Claire Zimmeck (09, Neuroscience).

Evan Molinelli (07, Physics).  Evan Molinelli is currently a PhD Student in the Tri-Institutional Training Program in Com- putational Biology and Medicine at Cornell University, Weill Cornell Medical College, and the Sloan-Kettering Institute.

Greg Pelander (06, Neuroscience).

Becky Ellison (03, Mathematics).

Chris Tignanelli (05, Bioinformatics). Undergraduate honors thesis: The effect of residual Ca2+ on the stochastic gating of Ca2+-regulated Ca2+ channels. 

Paul Brewer (03, Physics).  Paul Brewer entered the Colorado State University graduate program in Ecology.

Coleen Loomis (02, Mathematics).

Vien Nguyen (05, Physics).  Undergraduate honors thesis: The dynamics Ca2+ puffs: a study of instantaneously-coupled intra- cellular Ca2+ channels.