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Award Categories
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Invited Speakers ($400 max award) **

Invited speakers are students who are initially contacted and issued a written invitation by a conference to speak or present notable research in their field of study at a conference or a student appointed by the President of the College's official delegate at a conference.

Please submit a letter of invitation or documentation of appointment directly to Chasity Roberts in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (

Accepted Presenters ($350 max award) **

Accepted presenters are those students who submitted papers or work that has been accepted for presentation at a conference.

If applying as an accepted presenter who has submitted a paper for consideration but confirmation has not yet been received, please go ahead and submit your application prior to the deadline date and forward you acceptance letter as soon as it arrives. Consideration is only given to applications received prior to the deadline date.

Representatives ($200 max award) **

Students who are attending a regional or national conference.

Recipients of Fall grants (only) who wish to receive consideration for full funding ($400 invited presenter or $350 accepted presenter) are required to submit an abstract for the Graduate Research Symposium (March 2020). If you wish to receive the $200 award to attend a conference, regardless of whether you are presenting, you are not required to submit an abstract for the GRS.