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Conference Funding
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Through a collaborative effort, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (OGSR) and the GSA a limited number of awards to assist selected Arts & Sciences graduate students who are attending or presenting at a research conference. Students who are scheduled to graduate in May are not eligible to apply for or receive summer grants.

Conference Funding is financed through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. However, it is solely administered by the GSA. The goal of Conference Funding is to supplement other funding sources and to help offset the expenses that graduate students accrue advancing their scholarship and knowledge. Since conference experience and attendance are critical for the job market, Conference Funding is designed to encourage graduate student presence at conferences by addressing some of the limitations of other funding sources.

Please fill out an online application.  Reminder to print the confirmation webpage you will receive once your application has been submitted. You will not receive a separate email notification your application has been received.  

Eligibility Categories

Invited Speakers ($400 max award) **

Invited speakers are students who are initially contacted and issued a written invitation by a conference to speak or present notable research in their field of study at a conference or a student appointed by the President of the College's official delegate at a conference.

Please submit a letter of invitation or documentation of appointment directly to Chasity Roberts in the Office of Graduate Studies and Reserach (

Accepted Presenters ($350 max award) **

Accepted presenters are those students who submitted papers or work that has been accepted for presentation at a conference.

If applying as an accepted presenter who has submitted a paper for consideration but confirmation has not yet been received, please go ahead and submit your application prior to the deadline date and forward you acceptance letter as soon as it arrives. Consideration is only given to applications received prior to the deadline date.

Representatives ($200 max award) **

Students who are attending a regional or national conference.



Funding Guidelines

Before applying online for OGSR/GSA Conference Funding, please take a moment to review the general eligibility requirements: 

Conference Funding may only be awarded to Arts and Sciences graduate students attending or presenting at a research conference.

Students attending International Conferences (i.e.: anywhere outside the 50 U.S. States and D.C.) will need to complete the International Travel waiver form as well as purchase the required CISI Travel/Medical Insurance prior to your departure. Coverage is provided at a flat rate of $170 per semester, or $65 for the summer.  It will be charged directly to your student account. Both the waiver form and a copy of the CISI insurance form must be submitted to your Department/Program prior to your departure. Information concerning the required CISI Travel/Medical Insurance can be found on the Reves Center web page. The CISI Insurance is coordinated through the Reves Center. 

Individuals can receive one award per calendar year (January-December).  However, you can apply again if you do not receive funding. 


Students graduating must complete their travel BEFORE their actual graduation date.


Review Process

Applicant Selection Criteria

Awards are based upon a subjective review of the application by the GSA. Every effort will be made to preserve the integrity of the confidential, blind-review selection process. Applicants should clearly justify the need and importance of attending the conference. Applicants who apply for other funding sources are given priority. Other criteria that are considered include, but are not limited to, the applicability of the conference to the student’s research, scope and importance of the conference (small regional meeting v. international congress), the distance to the conference, and the cost of the trip. We encourage everyone to apply; however, we give special consideration to conference presenters.

Applicant Selection Timeline

The GSA Committee for Conference Funding will meet within one week of the deadline to consider applications. The students who receive awards will be notified in writing within ten days following the application deadline.


The GSA Committee for Conference Funding will consist of all GSA Executive Officers and Departmental Representatives in good standing. To avoid a conflict of interest, voting members of the GSA Committee for Conference Funding who apply for Conference Funding will recuse themselves.

Applicant Requirements

To receive Conference Funding, respective GSA Department Representative must be in good standing.

For Awardees

Congratulations on being awarded Conference Funding! 

Individuals can receive one award per calendar year (January-December).  However, you can apply again if you do not receive funding.

To receive your award, contact your department/program administrator immediately for instructions and guidance on the expenditure/reimbursement policy and procedure. Your administrator will guide you through Commonwealth and institutional regulations.  Please follow their instructions carefully.  You may be required to submit original receipts.

Federal regulation mandates that payments made to a Non-Resident Alien be analyzed for tax compliance. This process can take up to an additional 30 days for the award to be eligible for a refund. Please note that if an NRA is found to have a tax liaiblity, that tax amount is deducted from the award total and the student will receive the remaining amount of the award.  Non-Resident Alien students will be contacted direclty by email from Payroll concerning the Foreign National Information System (FNIS) and how they should proceed.  If you do not receive an email at least one week after your award notificaiton, please contact the Payroll Office directly at 757-221-2848.  

Your graduate program administrator can guide you through Commonwealth and institutional regulations if you have questions.  You will be required to keep original receipts for all expenses.

If you are eligible for any additional reimbursements from your department for this travel, you must work directly with your graduate program administrator. 


Contact Information

Contact GSA President [[e|nrbelluzzo, Nick Belluzzo]], with questions.