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Review Process
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Applicant Selection Criteria

Awards are based upon a subjective review of the application by the GSA. Every effort will be made to preserve the integrity of the confidential, blind-review selection process. Applicants should clearly justify the need and importance of attending the conference. Applicants who apply for other funding sources are given priority. Other criteria that are considered include, but are not limited to, the applicability of the conference to the student’s research, scope and importance of the conference (small regional meeting v. international congress), the distance to the conference, and the cost of the trip. We encourage everyone to apply; however, we give special consideration to conference presenters.

Applicant Selection Timeline

The GSA Committee for Conference Funding will meet within one week of the deadline to consider applications. The students who receive awards will be notified in writing within ten days following the application deadline.


The GSA Committee for Conference Funding will consist of all GSA Executive Officers and Departmental Representatives in good standing. To avoid a conflict of interest, voting members of the GSA Committee for Conference Funding who apply for Conference Funding will recuse themselves.

Applicant Requirements

Award recipients of Fall grants (only) who wish to receive full funding ($400 invited presenter or $300 accepted presenter) are required to submit an abstract for the Graduate Research Symposium (March 2020). If you wish to receive the $200 award to attend a conference you are not required to submit an abstract for the GRS.

To receive Conference Funding, respective Department Representative must be in "Good Standing" with GSA.