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Note: This page is not visible to the public - only to site admins.

Changing the Theme

A theme controls the way your website looks. The theme you choose will only affect the way your website is displayed; it will not affect your content.

Appearance ButtonTo change the theme, select "Customize Appearance" from the Main Menu. Next, click the "Select a Different Theme" button.


There are ten themes to choose from:

Blue Portrait
The only theme to feature a vertical main image, "Blue Portrait" is designed for those who want to place a photograph of themselves on their website.

Dark Lines
With a dark background, the "Dark Lines" theme makes photography and a custom main image look stunning.

W&M Web
Reminiscent of the 2008 W&M design concept the "W&M Web" theme is for those who want a site that is similar to the College's web presence.

Green & Gold
Along with muted greens and golds, the "Green & Gold" theme features an extra-tall side column -- ideal for websites with a lengthy navigation menu or lots of side column widgets.

Red Theme
Similar to Dark Lines but with a red-based color palate and the navigation menu positioned on the right rather than the left.

Purple Flower
A variation of the Dark Lines theme with a purple color palate.

A layout similar to Dark Lines with a playful paint splatter theme over a gray background.

A two column layout like Dark Lines utilizing the blue tones.

A two column layout like Dark Lines with a green and gold theme and textured background.

A flexible design that will reorganize its layout to be viewed optimally on any size device (desktop, tablet or mobile). The navigation menu is placed horizontally above the main image and an optional widget side column will appear if any widgets are chosen to be displayed. Also allows for custom colors for the backgrounds, sidebars, text, links and menus using the "Customize Color Scheme" option unique to this theme. To have a color scheme that compliments the university's website, we recommend the following color settings:


Hex #