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Comments and RSS


Like other blogs, the Mini-Blog allows readers to place comments on your blog posts.

The Mini-Blog has a built-in tool to block spam, called ReCAPTCHA. ReCAPTCHA is always enabled when Mini-Blog comments are turned on.


Website editors can delete inappropriate or unwanted comments. When a website owner or editor is logged in, the "delete this comment" button will appear next to every comment.

If you don't wish to receive comments at all, you can turn comments off by clicking "Settings" on the Main Menu and selecting "Off" for "Mini-Blog Comments."


RSS is a method of delivering web content that changes frequently (such as the content on a blog or news website).

To subscribe to your Mini-Blog, visitors will need the RSS feed. This address can be found by clicking "Settings" from the Main Menu.

RSS Readers

Many users have an RSS reader that aggregates their RSS feeds (e.g., Bloglines). If you wish to make it easy for users to subscribe using an RSS reader, select "Settings" from the Main Menu. Turn "Subscription Links" on. This will place links in your website's side column that allow users to subscribe to your blog easily.

Mini-Blog updates in Google

If you'd like new posts to your Mini-Blog to appear in Google, choose "Settings" from the Main Menu.  Click on "Submit your Mini-Blog RSS Feed to Google" near the bottom of the page.