Tribe Voices Help
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Note: This page is not visible to the public - only to site admins.


Comments (Mini-Blog): A written remark about a blog entry posted by a reader; reader comments support the interactive nature of blogs.

External Link: A link on the website navigation menu to something outside your website.

Home page: The front page of a website that is displayed when the website address (or URL) is typed into a browser.

Main Image: The image that appears near the top of every web page. This image can be customized.

Main Menu: The Tribe Voices Main Menu provides navigation to all the administrative features of a Tribe Voices website. 

Mini-Blog: A simple blog tool that includes comments and an RSS feed.

Page Title: The title (or heading) that automatically appears at the top of an individual web page.

Post (Mini-Blog): An entry posted to a blog or internet forum.

Quota: The maximum amount (in megabytes) of images and other documents you can upload into Tribe Voices. The quota is 50MB by default.

reCAPTCHA: A built-in tool to block unwanted spam comments from the Mini-Blog. reCAPTCHA is automatically enabled whenever Mini-Blog comments are turned on.

RSS IconRSS (Real Simple Syndication): A method of delivering web content that changes frequently (such as the content on a blog or news website).

RSS Feed: A document that contains a summary or full text of the content from a website.

RSS Reader: A software program that reads or aggregates RSS content.

Site Menu (also: Website Navigation Menu): A region on a website that provides quick access to navigate between web pages within the site or to link to external web pages.

Theme: The characteristics and visual elements that are automatically applied to control the way your website looks.

Tribe Voices: The website creation software created by Information Technology. Tribe Voices allows faculty, staff, students and student organizations to create simple personal websites.

URL: A "web address." URLs usually begin with http:// or https://

Web Editors: Other people at W&M named by the website owner who have permission to edit a Tribe Voices website.

Web page: A document that can be accessed using a web browser.

Website: A collection of web pages that may also include images, videos, blogs, and links to other web pages or sites.

Website Navigation Menu (also: Site Menu): A region on a website that provides quick access to navigate between web pages within the site or to link to external web pages.

Website owner: The individual who creates a Tribe Voices website with their W&M Username.  If a website's URL is then the website owner is Thomas Jefferson.

Website Title: The title that automatically appears at the top of the website home page and in the title bar of web browsers.

Widget: Something that can be embedded within a web page from a third party website. For example, in Tribe Voices, you can include a Facebook Badge, a Flickr Public Photo Badge and You Tube Videos (just to name a few).