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Note: This page is not visible to the public - only to site admins.

Images, Documents & Other Media

To place an image, movie or document (such as a link to a PDF) on your website, you must first upload the file into Tribe Voices. 

Uploading Images, Documents & Media

Images ButtonClick on "Images & Documents" from the Main Menu. Select "Upload a File" and follow the on-screen instructions. You cannot upload a file larger than 2MB and all of your files cannot add up to more than 50MB collectively.

When the upload is successful, you will see the "File Information" screen. You may want to copy or write down the URL as you will need it to link to files such as PDFs or Word documents.

Note: For hidden sites you will not be able to preview uploaded images, documents and files. Once a site is set to "visible," the uploaded items will be visible as well.

File URL

Placing an Image or Document on a Web Page

After uploading the file, return to the Tribe Voices Main Menu. Select "Edit/Add/Delete a Page" and choose the page where you wish to add the image or document.

Insert ImagesTo insert an image, click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button. From the "Image list," select the name of a picture file you uploaded.

Image Selection Screen

link buttonTo link a document (such as a PDF or Word file), highlight the text you wish to link. Click on the "Insert/edit link" button. Copy and paste the URL from the "File Information" screen into the "Link URL" field.