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William & Mary Heritage Dancers

Welcome to the website of the William & Mary Heritage Dancers!

We are the home of the English country dance (ECD) community on campus.  Since 2007, the Heritage Dancers have met weekly to learn exciting new dances and enjoy old favorites.  All skill levels are welcome--it doesn't matter if you've never danced before or have been dancing for years!  This semester, our regular meetings will be held at 6 p.m. every Thursday. 

If you're not sure just what ECD is, check out our "What is ECD?" page.  If you're interested and want to attend our weekly meetings or one of our special events, take a look at our "Events" page for more information.

We hope to dance with you soon!

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(NB - This is the website for the student group at the College of William and Mary.  If you're looking for the community dance group known as the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers, please click here for their website.)