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Jennifer A. Stevens, Ph.D.

IMG_0222.jpegAssociate Professor

Psychology Department & Neuroscience Program 

Office: ISC 1149 

Telephone: 757-221-3862

Fax: 757-221-3896


My primary research interests focus on representation. I am interested in explicit visual and motor representation but am also investigating the effect of surrounding space on different kinds of mental representations including motor, spatial, and analytic processing. In addition, some of my work examines the use of imagery as a strategy towards behavioral improvement. A secondary area of research focuses on the quantification of the aesthetic experience including its basis in the nature and limits of the visual system.

Current lab initiatives include:

1. Characterization of optimal spatial surround for analytic processing

2. Use of imagery as a stategy to improve behavior

3. Examination of confined space experiences on out-group bias 

4. Experiential effects of visual art across typical and atypical populations including creative exposure and its effect in analytic/academic insight

Students: If you are interested in working on one or more of these initiatives, please send an e-mail to that summarizes your major area(s) of study, your research interests, and your scientific goals. 

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