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John Eisele


Professor Eisele has been at the College since 1994. He holds a joint PhD in Linguistics and Near East Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago. He is the author of the book Arabic Verbs JCEISEin Time: Tense and Aspect in Cairene Arabic (Harrasowitz: 1999) and of numerous essays published in Language, JAOS, al‑Arabiyyah, andPerspectives on Arabic Linguistics. He is a past recipient of Fulbright and NEH fellowships, and is currently at work on two monographs. The first of these deals with the representation of Arabs and the Middle East in the Hollywood tradition, and an article dealing with this topic ("The Wild East: Decoding the Language of Genre in the Hollywood Eastern" has appeared in Cinema Journal. The second project deals with the representation of the Arabic language as a cultural icon and as a linguistic object, and several articles have been published deriving from this research. His third area of expertise, Arabic language pedagogy, has recently been recognized by the award (along with his colleague in Modern Languages) of a Department of Education IRS grant (International Research and Studies program) to support the development of a series of textbooks for the teaching of Arabic in all of its varieties. He teaches courses on Arabic language, literature in translation, and Arab film as an introduction to the Arab world.