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Links of Interest

Summer Student Research Presentations

Want to learn about summer research experiences in the Allen Lab? Click on the student names to view slide shows and listen to audio recordings of short (15 minute) talks given by Karina Brocco French, Emily Harmon, and Stacy Trackenberg in the summer of 2015. Past talks from the summer of 2011 (Holly Blackburn, Kelly Hoolihan, Jordan Salyers and Daniel Schwab) and 2012 ( Holly Blackburn, Mark Smithson and Shelby Ziegler) are also available by clicking on the student names. 

Allen Lab in the News

Periodically, the members of the Allen Lab wind up making news or getting asked to comment on the news of the day. Below are links to a selection of stories featuring Dr. Allen and/or his students. 

Using the Giant Stairs as a Natural Classroom (Harpswell Anchor)

Cookie Monster Flatworms in Chesapeake Bay (Daily Press)

Karina French '16 and Anna Klompen '17 Sweep SICB Awards (WM News)

Kharis Schrage WM '17 Reef Research (WM EcoAmbassador)

Can snails hear you singing to them? (Nautilus Magazine)

Doherty Postdoctoral Program at 10 Years (Bowdoin)

Summer students featured on Bowdoin website (Bowdoin)

Anna Klompen WM '17 wins NOAA Hollings Fellowship (WM News)

Alumna Holly Blackburn featured in Honors Video (WM Youtube) 

Marine Ecology Laboratory visits Friday Harbor (WM Biology)

Urchin research featured on cover of Invertebrate Biology (Invertebrate Biology)

EVMS/WM Collaborative Research Funded (WM News)

Invertebrate Love (Ideation Magazine)

Press release for echinoderm hatching plasticity article (American Naturalist)

A rising tide of undergraduate research (Ideation Magazine)

Daniel Schwab wins prestigious NSF graduate research fellowship (WM Biology)

Holly Blackburn wins Best Poster Award at Benthic Ecology Meeting (WM Biology)

Stylochus ellipticus collaboration with VCU's Rice Center (VCU)

Crustacean population boom a boon to lobster bake tradition (Bowdoin Orient)

Hybridization in sea biscuits, featuring Frances Armstrong (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)

UFO Sightings (Science Magazine)

Frances Armstrong Outcompetes Graduate Students for Award (The Niche)

Allen Lab Movies

We have begun posting some of the movies that we've taken in the lab online on YouTube. Right now the collection is small, but hopefully it will grow over time. Click here to be taken to our YouTube channel. 

Invertebrate Biology

Students from Biology 457 (Invertebrate Biology) work each year to write critical commentaries of current research into the biology of invertebrate animals. The very best of these commentaries are published online each year through a collaboration with Dr. Robert Podolsky (College of Charleston), Jan Pechenik (Tufts University and the author of their textbook) and the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB). Click here to be taken to this evergrowing library of work.