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In the fall of 2012, Dr. Allen diagnosed himself with a rare parasite of the oral cavity: the nematode Gongylonema pulchrum. With the help of his neighbor and colleague from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Aurora Kerscher, Dr. Allen subsequently published a case study in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. With the help and advice of Joe McClain, we reached out to the media to tell the story and the results were...unexpected...enjoy reading and watching the links below to learn more! If you think you may have a parasite of the oral cavity, talk to an oral pathologist. You can find a qualified medical doctor (which I am not!) near you by using the following helpful locator:


This story got a lot of media attention and below I have tried to compile a subset of the places where it was featured, most prominently in a piece by Deborah Blum at Wired.  

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