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"Pessimistic yet sarcastically reasonable"

Grace Mendenhall, The Dog Street Journal, Oct. 6, 2009

Philosophy & Experience

Over the past fifteen years, I have taught middle school geography, American History, and world cultures in racially and linguistically diverse public schools in Minnesota, workshops and courses for practicing teachers on curriculum development and technology integration across thirty-five public school districts in Wisconsin, and courses in teaching and learning and film and media studies  courses for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and The College of William & Mary.

In any learning situation, I try to create an environment where all views are respected and deliberation of ideas is encouraged. I attempt to practice the same models of teaching and the construction of knowledge in my classes as we study; the classes are heavy on deliberation and student engagement and collaboration. Students and teachers with whom I have worked have remarked that my energy, knowledge, and sense of humor make my classes enjoyable, thought provoking, and applicable to their lives and/or profession. I also enhance my teaching and student learning through the use of technology - I find trying to understand how people think with new technologies both challenging and fascinating. For my pre-service and in-service educators, the overall goal is to best prepare teachers for challenging and supporting pedaogy for diverse students (racial, ability, class, etc.) in diverse contexts (urban, rural, affluent, poor, etc.)

Courses taught or currently teaching:

The College of William & Mary (2006 - present)

Arts & Sciences
Film 351: Issues in New Media
Film 401 Capstone Seminar: Race, Class, and Gender in School Films
Film 498: Washington Program Internship
LCST 351 Topics in Lit. & Cult. Studies: Popular History in Museums, Memorials, and Media
Govt 390 Geopolitics Lecture Series

Educational Studies Minor (Interdisciplinary Program)
EDUC 360 Globalization and Education
EDUC 317 Seperate and Unequal: Race and Education

School of Education
C&I 591 Contemporary Issues in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
C&I S00 & Educ 440 Curriculum and Instructional Methods for the Social Studies
C&I S10 & Educ. 437 Secondary Social Studies Practicum
C&I S42 & Educ 447 Instructional Planning for Secondary Social Studies
C&I S42P & Educ 447P Instructional Planning for Sec. Social Studies Practicum
C&I S47 & Educ 454 Sec. Curriculum & Instruction Seminar: Social Studies
EPPL 610 Advanced Instructional Strategies
C&I L29 & Educ 494 Supervised Internship / Student Teaching: Sec. Social Studies (2006-07)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000-2006)

C&I 359 Teaching of History and the Other Social Studies.
C&I 559 Advanced Practices in History and Social Studies.
C&I 358 Practicum in Secondary Social Studies.
C&I 458, 459 Student Teaching in Middle & High School Social Studies.
C&I 463 Seminar in Elementary & Middle School Classroom Teaching.

Viterbo University (As part of CESA 5 position - 2002-2006)

EDUC 786 Digital Video Production
EDUC 786 Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Research Skills
EDUC 886 Information Literacy, Technology & Problem-Based Learning