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Selected Publications cont.

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Book chapters

 VanTassel-Baska, J. (2011) The integrated curriculum model. In  Ziegler, A., & Perleth, C. (Eds.) Excellence. Essays in honour
of Kurt Heller (pp. 202-216).
Berlin: LIT.

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Curriculum Publications

VanTassel-Baska, J. & Stambaugh, T. (2012) Jacob's Ladder for Grade 1. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.

Stambaugh, T. & Van Tassel-Baska, J. (2012) Jacob's Ladder for Kindergarten. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.

VanTassel-Baska, J. & Avery, L. (2012) Leadership units for elementary, middle, and high school. Waco, Tx: Prufrock Press.

Baska, A. & VanTassel-Baska, J. (in preparation) Ancient roots and ruins: A guide to teaching latin language and culture. Waco, Tx: Prufrock Press.