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Katie Boyle - Italian Studies

Kathleen Boyle

Italian Studies Program Director - Italian Language House Advisor - Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian Studies


Katie Boyle - William and MaryKathleen Crawford Boyle, received her B.A. in Latin and Ancient Greek from Indiana University at Bloomington, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Her study of Italian, which began at IU-Bloomington, continued at the Italian School of Middlebury College where she studied for four years completing a M.A. in Italian literary studies. In 2013 she completed her Ph.D. in Romance Philology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she taught Italian language and culture courses for six years on campus and one year in Florence, Italy. Her dissertation examined one of the primary theatrical genres of Sardinia, the sacred representations. This project traced the origin of this genre through hagiographic literature and the religious poetic compositions of the island, the gosos, while also focusing on what influence the roughly 400-year Spanish presence in Sardinia had on these religious works. She recently completed a translation of Italian musician Luigi Gagliardi's book that studies several important phases of traditional Tuscan music. She is very happy to be in her fifth year as a part of the Italian Studies faculty here at the College of William and Mary.