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Group News

July 2021 - Congrats to group alumnus, Lindsay Oakley ('12), on her appointment as the Director of Heritage Science at the US National Archives and Records Administration!

May 2021 - Happy news as Grayon has been awarded a Charles Center Summer Research Fellowship and Tifffany an Honors Fellowship!

May 2020 - Happy graduation to John, Kelly, Harrison and Huw! John is headed to computer science, Kelly to the M.S. program at W&M, Huw is applying for positions, and Harrison will be pursuing his Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at Berkeley. We can't wait to celebrate with you in person! Congrats to these awesome grads!

January 2020 - Congrats to Tiffany Zheng, who has been named a Monroe Scholar! Welcome Caleb Streat, Quinton Reed, Grayson Hoy, and Jennifer Lam to the group!

October 2019 - Former Wustholz lab student, Sofia Garakyaraghi ('13), who is now the Managing Editor at ACS Central Science will be visiting for Homecoming and talking with students about career opportunities. Friday Oct. 18, 3 pm (ISC 1127)!

May 2019 - Happy graduation to Kalie, Polly, Carolyn, Becca, and Christina! Kalie is heading to veterinary school, Polly to Ph.D. studies at the University of Minnesota, Becca is applying to conservation programs, Carolyn to a M.Sc. program working with Prof. Christa Brosseau at St. Mary's University, and Christina is applying to medical school. This is a big year of excellent seniors - congrats and thank you for everything you do!

April 2019: Congrats to Kelly Kopera on receiving a 2019-2020 NASA VSGC Undergraduate Research Scholarship and 2019 Charles Center Summer Scholarship! Congrats to John Li for receiving a 2019 Charles Center Summer Scholarship! Nice job!!!

March 2019: Congrats to Polly and Huw - their paper has been accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. A!

January 2019: Congrats to Carolyn, Kalie, and our collaborator Shelley, our invited manusript is accepted for publication in Optical Materials Express! Go team!

September 2018: Welcome Monica Alicea, Daniel Highland, and Huw Richards to the group!!!

August 2018: Kristin Wustholz is named a 2018 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar! Thanks to the entire Wustholz Lab group for making this possible.

May 2018: Congratulations to Carolyn Farling and Polly Lynch on being funded for their Honors research projects! Congrats to John Li on receiving a Charles Center Summer Research Scholarship! AND welcome Kelly Kopera to the group!!!

November 2017: Welcome John Li, Mikayla Vanhooke, and Christina Rubio to the group! We are happy to have you!

July 2017 - We have been awarded an NSF grant, "SusChEM: Interfacial Interactions and Electron Transfer in Dye-Sensitized Systems for Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis" to support our solar-to-energy conversion projects for 3 years! Thanks to the group for your hard work and dedication that made this possible!

June 2017 - Simran and Carolyn are starting their summer research. Congrats to Simran on receiving a Charles Center Summer Research Grant!

May 2017 - Shelle's research project has been spotted in W&M news and the Daily Press!

May 2017 - Congrats to Kate, Marisa, Seth, Kaelyn, James, and Jenna on your graduation from William & Mary! Kate is heading to a Pathologists' Assistant graduate program, Marisa to Ph.D. studies at the University of Oregon, Seth will be scribing for a year before applying to medical school, Kaelyn to a Ph.D. program in environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University, James is going to a Ph.D. program in photochemistry at Bowling Green State University, and Jenna to the University of California at Berkeley to pursue a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Thank you all so very much for your hard work and creativity in the lab.

February 2017 - Congrats to Shelle Butler, who has been selected to participate in the NSF IRES - International Research Experience Program: Cultural Heritage Research in the Netherlands - this summer!

December 2016 - Congrats to Jenna, Sofia, Kan, Heidi, Kriste, and Alana - your paper has been accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. C! Thanks to all for your hard work on this challenging experiment and really neat story!

August 2016 - Diana Roh ('16) and Dr. Wustholz are headed to the GRC Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research. Diana is presenting a poster on SERS and Kristin is presenting an invited talk with our collaborator Shelley Svoboda.

June 2016 - Welcome rising sophomores Kathleen Lauer and Polly Lynch to the Wustholz group!

May 2016 - Congrats to John R., Jenna, Simran, and James - our paper is published in J. Phys. Chem. C! Kaelyn, Seth, Marisa, and Kate successfully secured funding from the Charles Center for summer research! And congrats to Dr. Wustholz on her tenure and promotion to Associate Professor! 2016 represents a mass exodus of talented seniors from the group (Diana Roh, Jenna Tan, Mary Matecki, Heidi Crockett, John Kean, John Rose, Kan Tagami). Mary and John Rose are applying to medical school after a gap year. Heidi is purusuing a graduate degree in education at William & Mary. Three graduates are heading to Ph.D. programs in chemistry - Diana to the University of Washington (Go Huskies!), John Kean to Colorado State University, and Kan Tagami to the University of California at Santa Barbara! Jenna is staying on for an extra year to obtain a M.S. degree before applying to Ph.D. programs! Thanks to all the Wustholz lab grads for everything you have done, you will be tremendously missed!

January 2015 - Wustholz lab bids adieu (happy graduation!) to John Rose - we will miss you! The SERS project has been funded by a grant from the Eppley Foundation! Welcome freshman Kalie Fikse and Jonathan Van Name to the group! Simran, Mary, and Diana are YouTube stars! Congrats to Mary and Diana - our manuscript is accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry!

November 2015 - Welcome juniors Marisa Choffel and Kate Nelsen to the group! Welcome M.S. student James Cassidy to the group!

July 2015 - Check out Fugitive Red, a WithGoodReason Radio Show story that includes our work

May 2015 - Our collaborative work on SERS analysis of paintings with conservator Shelley Svoboda made the local news! Welcome Kaelyn Warne to the group!

May 2015 - Happy Graduation to Kristen Frano and Matt Mendonca!!! Kristen is heading back to Boston for some much-needed Patriots love and Matt is off to an internship with BASF before Ph.D. studies in chemical engineering at Northwestern. We will miss you! Jenna, John R., Kan, Mary, and Diana will be here for summer 2015. Congrats to Jenna on receiving a Charles Center Honors Fellowships as well as Mary and Kan for receiving Charles Center Summer Research Grants!

February 2015 - Kristen Frano is awarded the S. Laurie Sanderson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring in the Natural and Computational Sciences - congrats, well deserved! Awarded a renewal for the Jeffress grant for SERS studies of paintings in collaboration with conservator Shelley Svoboda at Colonial Williamsburg.

November 2014 - Welcome Seth Greenspan and Simran Rohatgi to the group! Congrats to the SERS team - our manuscripts in Analyst and J. Chem. Educ. have been published!

Summer 2014 - Happy Graduation to Hannah Mayhew, Matthew McCarron, Alana Ogata, and Natalie Wong!!! Natalie was my first research student at W&M. What a great group of seniors, we will miss you tremendously. Kristen, Kan, Diana, John Rose, and John Kean were here for the summer and did OUTSTANDING work... especially considering Dr. Wustholz went on maternity leave in late June. Congrats also to Kristen and Hannah - our manuscript is accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Education!

April 2014 - Congrats to John Rose for receiving a 2014-2015 NASA VSGC Undergraduate Scholarship! Congrats to John Kean for receiving a Charles Center summer scholarship! Kristen, John K., John R., Kan, and Diana will be here for summer 2014! Alana is headed to graduate school at U.C. Irvine and Hannah is going to Northwestern!

February 2014 - Awarded a Multi-Investigator Cottrell College Science Award from the Research Corporation for collaborative project with Prof. McNamara on synthesis and spectroscopy of new systems for artifical photosynthesis!

January 2014 - Welcome Mary Matecki to the group!

September 2013  - Congrats to Natalie and Alana - our manuscript is accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. C! Welcome Kan Tagami and John Rose to the group!

May 2013 - Happy Graduation to Jackie Blake-Hedges, David Fabian, Sofia Garakyaraghi, and Matt Blum!!! You will be missed! Natalie, Alana, Jenna, Hannah, Matt Mendonca will be here for summer 2013! Congrats also to Hannah and David - our manuscript is accepted for publication in Analyst!

April 2013 - Congrats to Natalie for receiving an Honors Fellowship and a NASA VSGC Undergraduate Scholarship! Congrats to Matt Mendonca for receiving a Charles Center summer scholarship and Jenna on a Freshman Monroe scholarship! Sofia is headed to graduate school at N.C. State and David is going to UC Irvine! Jackie is going to UC Berkeley!

March 2013 - Jackie's decided to go to graduate school at Berkeley! Matt Blum is headed to a job in consulting!

February 2013 - Congrats to Jenna for receiving a HHMI Scholarship!

January 2013 - Welcome Diana Roh, Matt Mendonca, Heidi Crockett, and John Kean to the group! Adios (for now) to Natalie who'll be in Spain this semester.

December 2012 - Awarded the Jeffress Memorial Trust renewal for continued funding of the SERS/art projects!

November 2012 - Natalie and Alana presented a poster "Single-Molecule Photophysics in Dye-Sensitized TiO2 Films" at the 2012 SERMACS meeting in Raleigh, NC. Nice work!

September 2012 - Welcome John Low, Tyler McPhillips, and Jenna Tan to the group!

August 2012 - Lindsay, David and Hannah's manuscript is accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry! Presented a poster of this work at the 2012 GRC Scientific Methods in Cultural Heritage Research.

June 2012 - Jackie and Dr. Wustholz are headed to the GRC Noble Metal Nanoparticles on June 17 to present a poster on plasmon-enhanced solar cells!

May 2012 - Lots of news this month!!! For summer 2012 Natalie is headed to Northwestern's MRSEC REU program, David to a Merck internship, Matt B. to a NIST internship, Jackie to an EPA internship (as a EPA-GRO Fellow!)... good luck and we'll see you in the Fall. Sofia, Hannah, Matt M. and Alana will be doing research in the group for summer 2012! The Wustholz Group graduates its first students: Lindsay Oakley, Andrew Sidhom and Stephen Dinehart. Congrats, we will miss you and best of luck!

April 2012 - Natalie is a Goldwater Scholar!!!! Congrats to Hannah and Alana for receiving summer funding through the W&M Charles Center.

March 2012 - Congrats to Alana for receiving a 2012-2013 VSGC Undergraduate Research Fellowship! Lindsay decides to attend graduate school at Northwestern University.

January 2012 - Welcome Hannah Mayhew to the group!

September 2011 - Welcome to our new group members: Alana Ogata, Matthew McCarron, Matthew Blum, Sofia Garakyaraghi and David Fabian!

May 2011 - Congrats to Stephen, Lindsay and Natalie for receiving summer funding through the W&M Charles Center!

April 2011 - Lindsay and Stephen's paper on identifying pigments in oil paintings accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry

March 2011 - Congrats to Jackie Blake-Hedges for receiving the 2011-2012 EPA-GRO Fellowship and the VSGC NASA Undergraduate Fellowship for her work with plasmon-enhanced solar cells.