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Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary

Williamsburg City

James City County

James City County Courthouse

William and Mary Student Handbook - This should be the first resource to check if you are accused of violating school policy.  The handbook lists your procedural options if you are accused of misconduct.  (See Administration of Student Life Policies).

Williamsburg Municipal Code - Local ordinances such as zoning requirements.


Virginia Law

Virginia Code -  Contains all the statutes that the Generally Assembly has passed over the years.  The laws published in the Code of Virginia are supreme over local ordinances.  

Virginia Constitution - The words of the Constitution have very specific legal meanings that have been refined in various contexts over the years.  Therefore, it is usually necessary to read case law together with the Constitution in order to understand how courts have interpreted the law.

Virginia Court Information - You can use this to access information for current and past cases and other court records.  For example, you can see the outcome of a case, or see the contents of a will or deed in some jurisdictions.

Virginia Case Law -  Published opinions which are the Supreme Court of Virginia's authoritative interpretation of Virginia law.  

Richmond Sunlight - Track what laws the Virginia General Assembly is working on.


Federal Law

U.S. Code  - The Code contains all the Federal laws that have been passed by Congress.  Federal law trumps state law.  

United States Code of Federal Regulation  - Contains regulations from Federal Agencies such as the EPA, FDA, etc.

U.S. Constitution - The Constitution is the Supreme law of the United States.  This means neither State nor Federal law may violate the Constitution.  However, it also means that the meaning of almost every word in the Constitution has been decided through a complex history of case law. - This site contains all of the judicial opinions issued by the Supreme Court, as well as mp3 recordings of oral arguments, opinion announcements, and much more.  Use this site to learn more about how the Supreme Court interprets the law.