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Original Works

Letting Go (2013)

Figuring Out How to Fall (2013)


Figuring Out How To Fall
























Cadence of Hope (2012) 

Birds of Prey (2012)

Birds of Prey



















Strings (2011)

Before I Go, While I'm Away, When I'm Gone (2010)

Before I Go, While I'm Away, when I'm Gone

Last One Standing...Wins? (2010)

My Sister She (2010)

Don't Tell Me It's Raining (2009)

Changing the Change (2009)

Transcending Rhythms (2008) is a testimony of the endurance of African and Native American cultures.  William and Mary students collaborated with African percussionist, Orimolade Ogunjimi and Youghtanund members, Danielle Bradby (Chickahominy), Aaron Winston (Meherrin), Pernell Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi) and Thomas Tupponce Jr.( Upper Mattaponi) in a piece that celebrates the strength, beauty, joy, turmoil, pride and grace that are communicated through the dance forms and music of these cultures.

  Transcending Rhythms/Dancevent 2008 

Choreography:  Leah Glenn
Music:  Youghtanund and Orimolade Ogunjimi
Dancers: Danielle Bradby, Jordan Gehley, Morgan Gelinas, Hannah Goldberg, Pamela Keeling, Christie Langlois, Camille Mireku, Thomas Tupponce Jr., Aaron Winston



Lullaby (2007)










Hush (2006)

Percussively Linked (2006)

Grace (2006)